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€4,900 Main Event

Coren-Mitchell Four-Bets Bluff

Webjoker • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante

Vicky Coren-Mitchell opened for 110,000 seated in the hijack. Giacomo Fundaro in the small blind had wild plans with {10-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}. Fundaro raised it up to 235,000, a small three-bet.

Where most people would just give up, Coren-Mitchell wasn't so eager to lay it down. Instead she four-bet to 500,000. After some theatre Fundaro folded and Coren-Mitchell took down the 820,000 pot.

Player Chips Progress
Giacomo Fundaro it
Giacomo Fundaro
it 2,695,000 -300,000
Vicky Coren Mitchell gb
Vicky Coren Mitchell
gb 1,690,000 205,000

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