₽133,000 EPT Open Main Event

Voziyanov Caught Bluffing

zedmaster84 • Level 25: 20,000-40,000, 40,000 ante

Egor Sukhov took a chunk out of the stack of Boris Kitov and the latter made up for it with a hero-call against Artem Voziyanov.

The completed board showed {9-Spades}{6-Hearts}{2-Spades}{8-Hearts}{3-Hearts} and Kitov reluctantly check-called a bet of 225,000 by Voziyanov, who tabled {q-Spades}{j-Spades}. Kitov claimed the pot with {j-Clubs}{9-Hearts} for top pair.

Player Chips Progress
Boris Kitov RU
Boris Kitov
RU 2,900,000 -50,000
Egor Sukhov RU
Egor Sukhov
RU 1,600,000 500,000
Artem Voziyanov RU
Artem Voziyanov
RU 725,000 -525,000

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