€5,300 EPT Main Event

Seat 6: Grzegorz Glowny, 28, Wroclaw, Poland, PokerStars qualifier – 5,040,000

Grzegorz Glowny

Grzegorz Glowny is the last online qualifier left in the EPT Prague Main Event field. Having reached the final six, the 28-year-old has already secured a staggering 34,202% ROI (he won his seat for a mere €530 at PokerStars).

Who would have thought Glowny was going to make it through five days in the Main Event, considering his rough start to the tournament. He bagged only 25,400 after Day 1, less than a starting stack, and sat near the bottom of the standings.

However, Glowny hit his stride on Day 2, vaulting into the top 15. Naturally, he has been through a few ups and downs since then. But in the late stages, Glowny has shown excellent composure and precision.

It is a breakthrough deep run for the Pole, who has a few years of experience with MTTs under his belt. Apart from playing poker, Glowny listed a bunch of hobbies: movies, dogs, and sport – in no particular order.

Grzegorz Glowny's Main Event run

Day 225,400419/454
Day 3554,00014/119
Day 4425,00034/42
Day 52,260,0007/16
Day 65,040,0003/6

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