€2,200 Estrellas Poker Tour High Roller

Aliaksandr Hirs Eliminated in 3rd Place (€277,370)

poolshir • Level 37: Blinds 300,000-600,000, 600,000 ante
Aliaksandr Hirs

Aliaksandr Hirs shoved from the small blind for around 5,500,000 and Miroslav Alilovic called immediately in the big blind.

Aliaksandr Hirs: {6-Spades}{6-Hearts}
Miroslav Alilovic: {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}

The board ran out {3-Clubs}{q-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{a-Spades} for Alilovic to hold with the higher pocket pair for the higher two pair to eliminate Hirs in third place.

With just over five minutes left in the level, they decided to take a 20-minute break now. When they come back, they will finish the remainder of this level and go to 20-minute levels as there are fewer than three players left.

Player Chips Progress
Ian Bradley gb
Ian Bradley
gb 37,300,000 -700,000
Miroslav Alilovic fr
Miroslav Alilovic
fr 27,900,000 12,900,000
Aliaksandr Hirs by
Aliaksandr Hirs
by Busted

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