Grosvenor UK Poker Tour

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) is is a major series of regional poker tournaments held across the United Kingdom. It is the most popular and longest-running poker festival in the UK. Each leg of the GUKPT is headlined by a Main Event, and have varied buy-ins from £550-£3,150.

Launching in 2007, the GUKPT has held events all around the UK and has often been the first stepping stone for some of the biggest names in British poker.

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Finished Tournaments

Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand
Grosvenor UK Poker Tour - GUKPT Edinburgh Leg 4 - - - - -
Grosvenor UK Poker Tour - GUKPT Blackpool Leg 3 - - - - -
Grosvenor UK Poker Tour - GUKPT Manchester Leg 2 - - - - -
Grosvenor UK Poker Tour - GUKPT London Leg 1 - - - - -

The Hendon Mob

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2007

The first season of the GUKPT was a huge success, attracting large attendances and generating massive prize pools. Seven of the season's Main Event winners would win six-figure prizes, with Mazhar Nawab being awarded the largest prize.

Nawab got his hands on the GUKPT Newcastle Main Event title and £205,000 first-place prize. Mike Paul Ellis was the next big winner, he had a £197,600 payday following his victory at the GUKPT Grand Final.

12–14 Jan 2007Bolton197Praz BansiUnited Kingdom£75,000
15–18 Feb 2007Walsall360Jerome BradpieceUnited Kingdom£121,600
22 Mar 2007Cardiff314Michael GrecoUnited Kingdom£97,680
19-21 Apr 2007ManchesterUnknownDave ColcloughUnited Kingdom£88,300
17–20 May 2007BrightonUnknownDave SmithUnited Kingdom£105,100
19–22 Jul 2007NewcastleUnknownMazhar NawabUnited Kingdom£205,000
9–12 Aug 2007Luton314Dave ClarkUnited Kingdom£107,300
6–9 Sep 2007Plymouth179Julian ThewUnited Kingdom£59,500
16-19 Oct 2007London433Leo KamCanada£119,590
15–18 Nov 2007Blackpool353Paul BrackenIreland£109,700
29–2 Dec 2007London198Mike Paul EllisUnited Kingdom£197,600

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2008

Sam Trickett was one of the Main Event winners in the second-ever season of the GUKPT. Just a few weeks after finishing fourth in the $5,000 No Limit Hold'em event at the 2008 WSOP for $245,927. Trickett boosted his bankroll by another six figures, winning £109,050 for his victory in the GUKPT Luton Main Event.

Former professional footballer Tony Cascarino took his skills from the pitch to the poker felt. That they translated into a £52,850 win after he triumphed in the GUKPT Bolton Main Event.

17–20 Jan 2008Brighton280Julian ThewUnited Kingdom£89,950
14–17 Feb 2008Walsall287Jeff KimberUnited Kingdom£83,910
6–9 Mar 2008London424Ketul NathwaniUnited Kingdom£119,780
24–27 Apr 2008Manchester309Marc GoodwinUnited Kingdom£90,420
15–18 May 2008Newcastle189Ganesh RaoUnited Kingdom£57,175
7–10 Aug 2008Luton376Sam TrickettUnited Kingdom£109,050
4-7 Sept 2008Bolton175Tony CascarinoIreland£52,850
16–19 Oct 2008Thanet226Andrew TengUnited Kingdom£68,380
13-15 Nov 2008Blackpool341Brian ClarkeUnited Kingdom£96,500
27–30 Nov 2008London184Paul FoltynUnited Kingdom£167,050
4-7 Dec 2008Luton87Arshad HussainUnited Kingdom£20,000

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2009

Cascarino continued to shine in the 2009 GUKPT season, picking up another victory on the circuit. He secured his largest ever cash of £168,800 at the GUKPT London Grand Final. It would be his second Main Event and also his last.

The former Aston Villa and Chelsea forward would go onto cash in a GUKPT side event in Luton before recording his last result at the GUKPT in 2010.

15–18 Jan 2009Brigton235Bernard LitmanUnited Kingdom£70,520
26-29 Feb 2009Walsall301Sunny ChatthaUnited Kingdom£88,150
26–29 Mar 2009London398Martin SilkeIreland£172,850
23–26 Apr 2009Manchester298Simon MoormanUnited Kingdom£88,630
21–24 May 2009Newcastle151Tony PhillipsUnited Kingdom£47,200
6–9 Aug 2009Luton304Richard GrykoUnited Kingdom£88,850
3–6 Sep 2009Cardiff120Karl MahrenholzUnited Kingdom£38,700
15–18 Oct 2009Thanet132Darren AnnisUnited Kingdom£41,900
12–15 Nov 2009Blackpool287Priyan de MelUnited Kingdom£84,900
26–29 Nov 2009London183Tony CascarinoIreland£168,800
5–6 Dec 2009Luton125Colin WuUnited Kingdom£25,000

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2010

22–24 Jan 2010Bolton146Priyan de MelUnited Kingdom£44,600
25–28 Feb 2010Walsall206Colin McTaggartUnited Kingdom£57,700
25–28 Mar 2010London318Cuong TranVietnam£127,800
22–25 Apr 2010Manchester192Kuljinder SidhuUnited Kingdom£54,850
21–23 May 2010Coventry142Stuart RutterUnited Kingdom£41,910
12–15 Aug 2010Luton229Neil ChanningUnited Kingdom£64,050
8–10 Oct 2010Brigton160Paul FoltynUnited Kingdom£46,400
11–14 Nov 2010Blackpool246David JohnsonUnited Kingdom£67,750
25–28 Nov 2010London207Luong-Huu BuiVietnam£144,905
4–5 Dec 2010Coventry153Luke FieldsUnited Kingdom£44,250

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2011

27–30 Jan 2011Manchester207Peter McAdamsUnited Kingdom£58,100
17–19 Mar 2011London245Praz BansiUnited Kingdom£101,020
29 Apr–1 May 2011Walsall172Alan MansbridgeUnited Kingdom£50,000
19–21 Aug 2011Luton212Charles ChatthaUnited Kingdom£59,360
14-16 Oct 2011Coventry145Julian ThewUnited Kingdom£42,740
10-12 Nov 2011Blackpool262Andrew PetersUnited Kingdom£72,020
1–4 Dec 2011London195Fabian QuossGermany£119,996

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2012

27–29 Jan 2012Manchester171Lewis HunterUnited Kingdom£49,600
16–18 Mar 2012Walsall153Daniel HaglundSweden£45,100
13–15 Apr 2012Stockton73Allan PeersUnited Kingdom£11,000
27–29 Apr 2012Thanet67Albert SapianoUnited Kingdom£10,720
7–10 Jun 2012Blankenberge, BEL97Arne CoulierBelgium€ 29,165
6–8 Jul 2012Plymouth76Rod AlbrightUnited Kingdom£11,900
20–22 Jul 2012Bolton114Ben JonesUnited Kingdom£17,390
25–27 Aug 2012Coventry122Martyn FreyUnited Kingdom£36,610
20–23 Sep 2012London315Robin KestonUnited Kingdom£84,310
19–21 Oct 2012Luton155Jamie O'ConnorUnited Kingdom£45,760
9–11 Nov 2012Blackpool173Simon DeadmanUnited Kingdom£49,290
30 Nov–2 Dec 2012London137Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom£102,700
12–13 Jan 2013LutonUnknownSerge Van LandeghemBelgium£22,630

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2013

The United Kingdom's Kevin Allen won the 2013 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Grand Final following an epic final day comeback. Allen topped the 294-player field to take home the £1578,700 first place prize.

Polarizing figure William Kassouf also made the final table of the same event but exited early in eighth-place. Three years later, Kassouf would make headlines at the 2016 WSOP for his barrage of speech play. Kassouf would make a deep run, finishing in 17th place for $338,000.

28 Feb–3 Mar 2013London397Martin BaderUnited Kingdom£56,000
11–14 Apr 2013Didsbury137Erimas LivonasUnited Kingdom£22,570
9–12 May 2013Stockton97Neil RaineUnited Kingdom£17,690
30 May–2 Jun 2013PortsmouthUnknownNicholas HumphrisUnited Kingdom£16,500
20–23 Jun 2013Reading140James MartinUnited Kingdom£22,640
11–14 Jul 2013Walsall144David TigheUnited Kingdom£24,910
25–28 Jul 2013Brighton157David LloydUnited Kingdom£20,320
8–11 Aug 2013Bolton133Michael ClarkeUnited Kingdom£20,000
19–22 Sep 2013Manchester136Sunny ChatthaUnited Kingdom£35,000
17–20 Oct 2013Luton212Driton HaxhiajUnited Kingdom£42,750
7–10 Nov 2013Blackpool191Richard TriggUnited Kingdom£53,000
21–24 Nov 2013London262Kevin AllenUnited Kingdom£158,700

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2014

Benjamin Winsor picked up his first GUKPT Main Event title at the Walsall leg of the 2014 GUKPT season. Winsor outlasted 155 other entries to take home the £29,000 up top.

Winsor would go on to dominate the GUKPT over the coming years and currently sits atop of the GUKPT Main Event All Time Money List with total earnings of $860,890.

6–9 Feb 2014London323Oliver PriceUnited Kingdom£86,400
6–9 Mar 2014Manchester192Rhys JonesUnited Kingdom£42,000
3–6 Apr 2014Edinburgh150Andrew TengUnited Kingdom£26,000
1–4 May 2014Brighton180Chris CousinsUnited Kingdom£20,300
29 May–1 Jun 2014Walsall156Benjamin WinsorUnited Kingdom£29,000
3–6 Jul 2014Cardiff171Vaidas SirionasUnited Kingdom£24,000
31 Jul–3 Aug 2014Reading268Paul NunesUnited Kingdom£29,200
3–6 Sep 2014Leeds228Harry LawUnited Kingdom£32,500
16–19 Oct 2014Luton184Adam ReynoldsUnited Kingdom£53,500
13–16 Nov 2014Blackpool171Justin AstleyUnited Kingdom£59,000

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2015

Raul Martinez finished Day 1a of the 2015 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Reading Main Event as the chip leader and never looked back.

Martinez ended Day 2 second in chips among the 17 survivors, and when the dust settled on Sunday night, Martinez was the last man standing to become the newest member of the GUKPT family.

29 Jan–1 Feb 2015London289Victor IlyukhinRussia£82,600
12–15 Mar 2015Manchester198Ali MalluUnited Kingdom£59,000
23-Apr-15Edinburgh180James MitchellUnited Kingdom£33,930
28–31 May 2015CardiffUnknownJulian DaviesUnited Kingdom£25,000
25–28 Jun 2015Reading248Raul MartinezUnited Kingdom£25,250
30 Jul–2 Aug 2015Leeds249Stephen FosterUnited Kingdom£24,500
17–20 Sep 2015Luton226William DaviesUnited Kingdom£65,550
12–15 Nov 2015Blackpool224Jonny GrayUnited Kingdom£69,050
26–29 Nov 2015London321Benjamin WinsorUnited Kingdom£178,600

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GUKPT Main Event Winners 2016

Marc Wright secured the largest live tournament cash of his career this weekend when he topped a field of 276 players in the 2016 GUKPT Grand Final, turning his £2,125 into £132,380.

Wright, known as “dean23price”, had already won just shy of $4 million online. He now has $444,253 in live tournament winnings thanks to his GUKPT win. His previous largest live cash came in 2012 when he finished seventh in the EPT Berlin Main Event, a result that netted him €97,000.

28-31 Jan 2016London394Martin HogartyUnited Kingdom£66,538
3-6 Mar 2016Manchester232Reyaaz MullaUnited Kingdom£58,300
21-24 Apr 2016Reading240Ryan SpittlesUnited Kingdom£31,100
2-5 Jun 2016Walsall241Lee Wai KiatMalaysia£34,850
30 Jun-3 Jul 2016London419Brett KennedyUnited States£45,470
8-11 Sept 2016Edinburgh184Tommy LePoland£25,000
6-9 Oct 2016Luton240Driton HaxhiajUnited Kingdom£61,520
10-13 Nov 2016Blackpool251Tom MiddletonUnited Kingdom£56,255
24-27 Nov 2016London276Marc WrightUnited Kingdom£132,380

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GUKPT Main Event Winners 2017

One of the more interesting stories that developed from the 2017 GUKPT season was Gareth Howard taking down the Walsall Main Event.

Howard, a car body shop repairman by trade, overcame a field littered with big names to walk away with a £28,845 payday. He reigned supreme over a final table that included the likes of Grosvenor Poker Pro Rick Trigg and Yiannis Liperis.

He would defeat Reading Main Event winner Alli Mallu at heads-up play to secure his maiden GUKPT title.

Andrew Hills was another winner in the 2017 season, triumphing in the Manchester leg of the tour. Michael Zhang picked up the first Main Event of the season and took home the biggest prize of the season, cashing for £113,000.

2-5 Feb 2017London435Michael ZhangUnited Kingdom£113,000
2-5 Mar 2017Manchester268Andrew HillsUnited Kingdom£46,988
30 Mar-2 AprEdinburgh227Paul GreenUnited Kingdom£17,500
27-30 Apr 2017Walsall238Gareth HowardUnited Kingdom£28,845
25-28 May 2017Reading247Ali MalluUnited Kingdom£35,310
29 Jun-2 Jul 2017London449George AlexanderUnited Kingdom£50,000
14-17 Sept 2017Leeds308Leung CheungUnited Kingdom£37,900
12-15 Oct 2017Luton239John EarnesUnited Kingdom£68,350
9-12 Nov 2017Blackpool314Daniel CorbettUnited Kingdom£87,280
23-26 Nov 2017London304Ahmed AbdellaEgypt£89,000

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GUKPT Main Event Winners 2018

Frenchman Jerome L'Hostis secured his second six-figure score of 2018 and the largest live poker tournament cash of his career when he topped a field of 325 entrants in the £400,000 ($514,225) guaranteed 2018 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Grand Final Main Event.

1-4 Feb 2018London433Andrew HulmeUnited Kingdom£112,400
1-4 Mar 2018Manchester241Adam LulatUnited Kingdom£68,930
26-29 Apr 2018Edinburgh258Garry Stevens-SmithUnited Kingdom£36,350
5-8 Jul 2018London358Patrik SzaboUnited Kingdom£49,150
13-16 Sept 2018Leeds302Adam OwenUnited Kingdom£41,950
11-14 Oct 2018Luton304Neil McFaydenNew Zealand£58,326
8-11 Nov 2018Blackpool304Yiannis LiperisCyprus£84,250
22-25 Nov 2018London325Jerome L'HostisFrance£140,445

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GUKPT Main Event Winners 2019

31 Jan-3 Feb 2019London467UnknownN/A£100,000
7-10 Mar 2019ManchesterUnknownBenard MaregedzeUnited Kingdom£69,470
4-7 Apr 2019Edinburgh198Nathan SlaterUnited Kingdom£42,110
6-9 Jun 2019Luton382Chris LouchUnited Kingdom£50,050
4-7 Jul 2019London488Cheuk LeeUnited Kingdom£40,554
12-15 Sept 2019Leeds382Brett AngellUnited Kingdom£20,912
10-13 Oct 2019Luton307Vikrum MehtaUnited Kingdom£83,590
7-10 Nov 2019Blackpool367Matthew EardleyUnited Kingdom£84,550
28 Nov-1 Dec 2019London273Benjamin WinsorUnited Kingdom£188,610

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2020

The coronavirus pandemic heavily affected live poker across the world and the GUKPT was no exception. Only two stops of the tour played out with Artan Dedusha and Ben Dobson being the only winners.

30 Jan-2 Feb 2020London379Artan DedushaUnited Kingdom£137,430
27 Feb-1 Mar 2020Manchester317Ben DobsonUnited Kingdom£75,510

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GUKPT Main Event Winners 2021

The 2021 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) enjoyed something of a renaissance with every stop seeing incredible attendance figures. That trend continued in the GUKPT Grand Final Main Event with 607 entrants creating a £1,092,600 prize pool, the largest ever Grand Final in the tour’s long history.

Andy Moc was the man who came out on top of that star-studded field. His reward? A cool £265,350! However, it was Yucel Eminoglu, a player known affectionately as "Mad Turk," who hit the headlines after laddering from fifth to second with a super-short stack.

22-25 Jul 2021London804Euan McNicholasUnited Kingdom£165,800
12-15 Aug 2021Manchester472Richard TriggUnited Kingdom£134,250
2-5 Sept 2021Coventry607Steve JelinekUnited Kingdom£105,050
23-26 Sept 2021Leeds439Jack HardcastleUnited Kingdom£72,200
30 Sept - 3 Oct 2021Edinburgh351UnknownN/A£61,220
14-17 Oct 2021Luton513David DochertyUnited Kingdom£138,000
4-7 Nov 2021Blackpool533Richard HortonUnited Kingdom£94,150
18-21 Nov 2021London471Jiaze LiUnited Kingdom£62,500
2-5 December 2021London607Andy MocUnited Kingdom£265,350

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GUKPT Main Event All Time Money List

NameCountryTotal Earnings (USD)
Benjamin WinsorUnited Kingdom$860,890
Mike Paul EllisUnited Kingdom$438,854
Tony CascarinoIreland$429,249
Richard TriggUnited Kingdom$406,553
Jeff KimberUnited Kingdom$403,150

Most GUKPT Main Event Cashes

Jeff KimberUnited Kingdom20
Yiannis LiperisCyprus19
Joe GrechUnited Kingdom17
Richard KellettUnited Kingdom14
Simon DeadmanUnited Kingdom14

GUKPT Main Event Final Table Appearances

NameCountryFT Apps
Jeff KimberUnited Kingdom12
Simon DeadmanUnited Kingdom9
Benjamin WinsorUnited Kingdom8
Richard KellettUnited Kingdom8
Matthew DavenportUnited Kingdom6