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$2,700 No Limit Hold'em Main Event

Alex Brenes

Alex Brenes has the button.

He completes the blind, and Jose Miguel Espinar knocks the table, content to see a free flop.

It shows up {8-Spades} {A-Hearts} {A-Diamonds}. Espinar bets out 65,000 chips, and Brenes calls.

Fourth street comes the {2-Hearts}. Espinar keeps the heat on with another bet, this time pushing out "Ciento ochenta," -- 180,000. Again, Brenes flat-calls.

The river is the {6-Diamonds}. Espinar slows down now, checking it over to Brenes. "Tres cientos," -- 300,000 goes into the middle. Espinar nods and makes the call. Brenes tables {A-?} {9-?} and his triple aces are the winner. Espinar mucks his hand and sends a big chunk of chips across to his opponent.

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