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€550 Grand Event

Closing in On the Bubble

poolshir • Level 17: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

The eliminations are flying in fast, with only 143 players getting paid and 158 players remaining, the bubble is going to approach soon.

Chip Counts
Mateusz Wozniak pl Busted
Federico Cipollini it Busted
Giovanni Petroni it Busted
Sucurija Lika Busted
Renato Messina it Busted
Alon Arbitman Busted
Michael Davis us Busted
George Kerschbaumer AT Busted
Damir Savio Busted
Serena Maso Busted
Angelo Vietti it Busted
Stephen Spiteri MT Busted
Mari Nitteberg NO Busted
Sharon Singer Busted
Mehmet Ozdemir Busted
Eyal Pearl IL Busted
Yossef Cohen Busted
Sagi Rabinovich Busted
Filip Maskovic Busted
Andrew Doona Busted
Andreas Klatt de Busted
Ayrton Mata Busted
Jostein Grodum no Busted
Roy Even Busted
Attila Havacs gb Busted
Sinan Erten Busted
Sevket Muduroglu Busted
Massimiliano Rosi it Busted
Paul Romain gb Busted
Richard Rich GB Busted
Fabio Fedullo Busted
Killian Desnos Busted
Kevin Price (UK) GB Busted
Shalom Hershkovitz Busted
Doron Vaalany Busted
Enrico Mosca it Busted
Carl Gasstorp Busted
Giuseppe Palmisano IT Busted
Giada Fang it Busted
Alf Martinsson IT Busted
Lars Eketrapp Busted
Marco Fontanella it Busted
Mantas Petrauskas lt Busted
Komil Khamidov PL Busted
Francois Laurent FR Busted
Richard Sambron Busted
Steven Penny GB Busted
Jacqueline Cachia mt Busted
Maurice Meijer NL Busted
Giuseppe Tarsia IT Busted
Andre Scerri MT Busted
Borge Dypvik no Busted
Fabio Assennato Busted