WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
€550 Grand Event
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Dmitri Dan IL 6,410,000 235,000
Leendert Marcus NL 3,500,000 390,000
Oskar Wedde no 3,195,000 695,000
Tomas Sujeta lt 2,855,000 555,000
Michel Vat mt 2,500,000 -500,000
Dario Marinelli it 2,315,000 755,000
Teijo Sinervo FI 2,185,000 -315,000
Mario Manara IT 1,825,000 645,000
Linda Nguyen no 1,510,000 -215,000
Pasquale Gregorio it 1,510,000 600,000
Mark Vella mt 1,465,000 -1,355,000
Giovanni Piccione it 1,450,000 -350,000
Domenico Tortomasi it 1,365,000 -135,000
Quentin Lecomte fr 1,255,000 365,000
Craig Smith gb 1,125,000 325,000
Martyn Frey gb 1,100,000 480,000
Samuel Quesada ES 1,050,000 -450,000
Nicolaj D'Antoni it 1,000,000 18,000
Jacopo Achille it 870,000 -185,000
Peter de Bruin NL 785,000 55,000
Salvatore Cultraro IT 590,000 -110,000
Simone Lombardo IT Busted
Dario Barone IT Busted
Edoardo Mancinelli IT Busted
Tomasz Brzezinski PL Busted
Ioannis Vogiatzoglou gr Busted
Shawn Morales gb Busted
Giuseppe Comitini IT Busted
Sulaiman Sesay mt Busted
Michal Janczarski pl Busted
Matteo Parlato IT Busted
Erwann Pecheux fr Busted
Raymond Church GB Busted
Pablo Boegershausen ar Busted
Sarah Herzali fr Busted
Oliver Said MT Busted
Ion Stanica RO Busted
Justinas Smilingis LT Busted
Itzhak Nachmias IL Busted
Robert Law (UK) GB Busted
Davorin Stevanovic SI Busted
Cristian Ciuperca Busted
Michel Koenitz DE Busted
Federico Cipollino Busted
Jon Garaialde ES Busted
Paul Monaghan GB Busted
Sven Kolwes DE Busted
Jens Hauschke DE Busted
Tondaro Tancredi IT Busted
Rein Isane no Busted
Nicola Lodato IT Busted
Hod Levy IL Busted
Jeroen van de Pol NL Busted
Jens Gorgen NO Busted
Elie Jabbour IL Busted
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos GR Busted
Tomas Jauring se Busted
Antonio Barbato it Busted
Eviatar Mor PL Busted
Lars Viggander SE Busted
Giuseppe Pacenza IT Busted
Chris Da-Silva gb Busted
Mordechai Israel IL Busted
Thomas Lind mt Updated
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Jana Krcova IT Busted
Tsvi Cohen IL Busted
Ulf Carlsson Busted
Barny Boatman gb Busted
Alessandro Giordano it Busted
Alexandros Bantzelatze gr Busted
Antonio Failla IT Busted
Gaetano Brignone it Busted
Georgios Antoniou GR Busted
Paolo Infanito IT Busted
Marek Dolzblasz CZ Busted
Manfred Quint DE Busted
Simon Zaki GB Busted
Yarin Gabriel IL Busted
Danel Vaitzman IL Busted
Meir Rane IL Busted
Rickie Silcock gb Busted
Dario Comitini it Busted
Frank Koopmann de Busted
Andreas Hoivold no Busted
Andre Grech MT Busted
Peter Bond GB Busted
Darren Harbinson IE Busted
John Landells Busted
Salvatore Patti IT Busted
Daniele Degennaro Busted
Ulf Ulvrell Busted
Maria Kozak pl Busted
Mats Karlsson mt Busted
Bas de Laat nl Busted
Lasse Ovre NO Busted
Fabrice Soulier fr Busted
Michele Tocci Busted
Thomas Noske Busted
Carmerlo Crucitti Busted
Vasos Georgiou Busted
Luca Sebastiani it Busted
Domenico Gala it Busted
Terence Jordan GB Busted
Massimo Bruno IT Busted
David Carasco ES Busted
Liran Derei IL Busted
Vito Montalto AU Busted
Alan Vinnicombe GB Busted
Anders Auset no Busted
Andre Sivertsen NO Busted
Nicolas Courbin FR Busted
Hans Homner DE Busted
Cristoferro Palermo IT Busted
Niklas Nyman SE Busted
Mehmet Ongorur se Busted
Fares Shehadeh it Busted
Jonathan Therme fr Busted
Marjan Mitrovski mk Busted
Gary Armstrong GB Busted
Fabio Berti IT Busted
Colin Turnbull GB Busted
Grzegorz Tryba pl Busted
Geir Berland no Busted
Shane Dempsey IE Busted
Asif Warris gb Busted
Antonio Alba IT Busted
Jos ten Have NL Busted
Andrei Tamaduianu RO Busted
Jakub Kaminek AT Busted
Terje Bremseth no Busted
Illuminato Torrisi IT Busted
Gabriele Re it Busted
Sergio Benso it Busted
Stefan Ulrich Busted
Giulio Mascolo it Busted
Juha Mantyla Busted
Dennis Romeo Busted
David Knight Busted
Puillippe Houman Busted
Andrea Melluzzo it Busted
Andrea De Silvestre Busted
Marco La Grutta Busted
Alan Kelleher Busted
Claudio Pagano Busted
Frederick Field gb Busted
Marcus Larsson SE Busted
Stuart Bell GB Busted
Valter Affatato IT Busted
Brian Calleja MT Updated
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Mario Musacchia Busted
Luigi Shehadeh it Busted
Antonio Merone it Busted
Emilio Solimeno Busted
Yri Raizberg Busted
Tamir Kaminsky Busted
Luigi D'Alterio it Busted
Aidan Galvin Busted
Ron Mamon Busted
Gaetone Brignone Busted
Abz Lad IL Busted
Martin Kilchenmann Busted
Borge Dypvik no Busted
Jacqueline Cachia mt Busted
Giada Fang it Busted
Andreas Klatt de Busted
Mateusz Wozniak pl Busted
Giuseppe Palmisano IT Busted
Francois Laurent FR Busted
Alf Martinsson IT Busted
Marco Fontanella it Busted
Steven Penny GB Busted
Paul Romain gb Busted
Komil Khamidov PL Busted
Jostein Grodum no Busted
Mantas Petrauskas lt Busted
Giovanni Petroni it Busted
Kevin Price (UK) GB Busted
Renato Messina it Busted
Richard Rich GB Busted
Mari Nitteberg NO Busted
Lars Eketrapp Busted
George Kerschbaumer AT Busted
Andre Scerri MT Busted
Angelo Vietti it Busted
Maurice Meijer NL Busted
Massimiliano Rosi it Busted
Giuseppe Tarsia IT Busted
Federico Cipollini it Busted
Enrico Mosca it Busted
Serena Maso Busted
Eyal Pearl IL Busted
Attila Havacs gb Busted
Stephen Spiteri MT Busted
Sinan Erten Busted
Damir Savio Busted
Fabio Fedullo Busted
Carl Gasstorp Busted
Sucurija Lika Busted
Andrew Doona Busted
Filip Maskovic Busted
Alon Arbitman Busted
Shalom Hershkovitz Busted
Richard Sambron Busted
Sagi Rabinovich Busted
Doron Vaalany Busted
Mehmet Ozdemir Busted
Sharon Singer Busted
Ayrton Mata Busted
Roy Even Busted
Killian Desnos Busted
Michael Davis us Busted
Yossef Cohen Busted
Sevket Muduroglu Busted
Fabio Assennato Busted
Luca Beretta it Busted
Marion Mizzi MT Busted
Lukasz Winski pl Busted
Giulio Spampinato it Busted
Stephane Oberer FR Busted
Robert Lim gb Busted
Adriano Torregrossa IT Busted
Cosmin Balan RO Busted
Davide Iannaco IT Busted
Christoph Ruck AT Busted
Ionel Serbu GB Busted
Robert Cohen fr Busted
Christian Bilda DE Busted
Giordano Santambrogio Busted
Massimo Aguzzi Busted
Lennart Gunst Busted
Hannu Pernu Busted
Christoforos Charvatis Busted
Pasquale Porcino Busted
Francesco Aru IT Busted
Jaroslaw Wolny PL Busted
Adam Lynas Busted
Henry Evans IE Busted
Anders Karlsen no Busted
Lukasz Fraczek Busted
Gerrit Blanckaert NL Busted
Alexander Richnau DE Busted
Matthew Pace MT Busted
Gustaf Segertad Busted
Hans Hagberg Busted
Paolo Pinazzo Busted
Frank Bastow gb Busted
Alessandro Pichierri it Busted
Charlo Azzopardi mt Updated
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Jon Kyte no Busted
Petter Redemo SE Busted
Kim Lungstad NO Busted
Turgay Akin se Busted
Sofia Madsen SE Busted
Carmelo Rigano IT Busted
Ali Alawadhi us Busted
Mirko Cammisuli Busted
Davide Suriano it Busted
Gianfranco Piccone Busted
Orazia Pellegrino Busted
Erik Stjernefeldt Busted
Matthias Kribben DE Busted
David Rapenne FR Busted
Juergen Bachmann DE Busted
Adam Hari hu Busted
Steven Watts gb Busted
Alain Bucher CH Busted
Gediminas Bartkus lt Busted
Robert Pekel NL Busted
Carmelo Maugeri IT Busted
Ohad Almakys Busted
Vedran Nikolic Busted
David Carter Busted
Willy Flora Busted
Dean Hamblin Busted
Francesco Voltolina Busted
Johan De Clerq Busted
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