WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
€550 Grand Event
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Eviatar Mor PL 441,500 74,500
Luca Sebastiani it 400,000 -10,000
Dario Marinelli it 361,500 18,500
Linda Nguyen no 337,000 37,000
Thomas Lind mt Updated
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303,000 0
Oliver Said MT 279,500 -60,500
Anders Auset no 233,500 121,500
Jon Garaialde ES 225,000 59,500
Jeroen van de Pol NL 225,000 34,000
Sven Kolwes DE 224,000 157,000
Borge Dypvik no 213,000 9,000
Georgios Antoniou GR 201,000 64,000
Andre Sivertsen NO 199,000 119,000
Mats Karlsson mt 190,500 39,500
Paul Monaghan GB 176,000 96,000
Tomas Sujeta lt 175,000 -67,000
Alexandros Bantzelatze gr 149,000 10,000
Marco Fontanella it 143,000 35,000
Alan Vinnicombe GB 136,500 6,500
Sulaiman Sesay mt 131,500 -18,500
Giulio Spampinato it 119,500 -50,500
Francesco Aru IT 106,500 -63,500
Frank Koopmann de 106,000 -11,000
Alf Martinsson IT 101,000 -4,500
Cristoferro Palermo IT 99,500 -12,500
Jana Krcova IT 96,500 -15,500
Davorin Stevanovic SI 91,500 -33,500
Francois Laurent FR 90,000 29,000
Vito Montalto AU 86,500 -38,500
Domenico Gala it 85,000 0
Alessandro Giordano it 73,500 -4,500
Giuseppe Palmisano IT 69,500 6,500
Sarah Herzali fr 65,000 -7,500
Niklas Nyman SE 60,500 10,500
Juergen Bachmann DE 56,000 -9,000
Gaetano Brignone it 55,000 -11,000
Jaroslaw Wolny PL 46,500 -14,500
David Rapenne FR 37,000 0
Daniel Dankelmann DE Busted
Jacopo Achille it Busted
Giulio Di Salvo IT Busted
Giada Fang it Busted
Salvatore Ritrovato it Busted
Roger Myhre NO Busted
Nicolas Courbin FR Busted
Samuel Dray FR Busted
Anthony Baitson IE Busted
Tomasz Brzezinski PL Busted
Marcin Puczylowski PL Busted
Lukasz Winski pl Busted
Adam Hari hu Busted
Rares Bodea MT Busted
Clint Sammut mt Busted
Antonios Kotsoulakis GR Busted
Bas de Laat nl Busted
Jim Odeen SE Busted
Lasse Ovre NO Busted
Hans Homner DE Busted
Lelio Ferrante IT Busted
Serdar Demircan se Busted
Jacqueline Cachia mt Busted
Luca Beretta it Busted
Luigi Knoppers nl Busted
Pablo Boegershausen ar Busted
Kyle Pullicino MT Busted
Panagiotis Chatzisofokli GR Busted
Ignazio Ciccarello IT Busted
Norbert Bobra PL Busted
Abz Lad IL Busted
Timothee Marlin FR Busted
Petter Redemo SE Busted
Liran Derei IL Busted
Soner Vanelderen BE Busted
Steven Smith GB Busted
Tom Deschuytter BE Busted
Martina Pellegrini IT Busted
Marion Mizzi MT Busted
Joshua Brown us Busted
Alessandro Martini IT Busted
Barny Boatman gb Busted
Andreas Klatt de Busted
Jan Stigter NL Busted
Cedric Schwaederle fr Busted
Gerben Miedema NL Busted
Daragh Davey ie Busted
Alan Trueick GB Busted
Massimo Bruno IT Busted
Joep Raemaekers nl Busted
Romain Nardin fr Busted
Mateusz Wozniak pl Busted
Frederick Field gb Busted
Jesper Jensen DK Busted
Craig Simpson gb Busted
Jon Kyte no Busted
Lorenzo Bucci IT Busted
Shaun Decesare MT Busted
David Lappin ie Busted
David Carasco ES Busted
Kat Arnsby GB Busted
Corel Theuma us Busted
Andrew Tregoning GB Busted
Julian Micallef MT Busted
Alexander Stevendahl SE Busted
Colin Lovelock gb Busted
Oscar Pettersson SE Busted
Michael Blaskovic DE Busted
Pierre Faure FR Busted
Yaron Salinger IL Busted
Quentin Moreau FR Busted
Ernie Micallef MT Busted
Terence Jordan GB Busted
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