€550 Grand Event
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Mehmet Ongorur se 474,000 32,000
Lasse Ovre NO 397,500 -5,000
Andre Grech MT 357,000 12,000
Peter de Bruin NL 354,000 67,000
Darren Harbinson IE 305,500 22,500
Hans Homner DE 304,000 42,000
Richard Rich GB 298,500 115,500
Maurice Meijer NL 295,000 295,000
Pasquale Gregorio it 294,000
Cosmin Balan RO 261,500 140,500
Brian Calleja MT 246,000 113,000
Ion Stanica RO 242,500 42,500
Lars Viggander SE 240,500 70,500
Nicolas Courbin FR 234,000 69,000
Marcus Larsson SE 229,000 9,000
Mari Nitteberg NO 208,500 63,500
Quentin Lecomte fr 196,000 63,200
Rein Isane no 196,000 76,000
Mario Manara IT 182,500 34,500
Tomasz Brzezinski PL 180,000 180,000
Kevin Price (UK) GB 168,500 114,500
Gary Armstrong GB 165,500 123,500
Jens Hauschke DE 163,500 67,500
Jostein Grodum no 161,000 8,600
Matteo Parlato IT 160,000 82,000
Tondaro Tancredi IT 157,500 -9,500
Giovanni Petroni it 157,000 67,000
Grzegorz Tryba pl 147,500 74,500
John Landells 145,500
Jacopo Achille it 142,500 123,500
Andre Scerri MT 142,500 -147,500
Henry Evans IE 141,500 53,500
Geir Berland no 140,000 -23,000
Turgay Akin se 135,500 -24,500
Edoardo Mancinelli IT 132,500 107,500
Robert Lim gb 132,500 60,500
Michele Tocci 128,000
Fares Shehadeh it 124,500 -25,500
Massimiliano Rosi it 123,500 123,500
Bas de Laat nl 121,500 104,500
Jonathan Therme fr 119,000 73,000
Lukasz Fraczek 112,000
Dmitri Dan IL 111,000 -7,500
Adriano Torregrossa IT 108,000 4,600
Anders Karlsen no 104,500 -77,500
Cristian Ciuperca 104,000
Fabio Berti IT 100,000 16,000
Paul Romain gb 95,500 25,500
Renato Messina it 92,500 -32,500
Adam Hari hu 90,000 90,000
Jens Gorgen NO 90,000 -31,000
Erwann Pecheux fr 89,000 -41,000
Petter Redemo SE 75,000 17,000
Lars Eketrapp 71,000 -46,000
Mark Vella mt 59,000 -47,000
Luigi D'Alterio it 54,000 -41,000
Alain Bucher CH 40,500 500
Matthias Kribben DE 37,500 -112,500
Cedric Schwaederle fr Busted
Robert Schogelhofer DE Busted
Steven Watts gb Busted
Giovanna Dimartino it Busted
James Clarke gb Busted
Alexander Stevendahl SE Busted
George Kerschbaumer AT Busted
Angelo Vietti it Busted
William Mitchell au Busted
Asa Holmberg SE Busted
Ina Pavlova BG Busted
Jonas Eriksson SE Busted
Thomas Kuhl de Busted
Sami Pulliainen fi Busted
Robert Blaauwgeers NL Busted
Peter Slettstober DE Busted
Inge Fundingsrud NO Busted
Barny Boatman gb Busted
Kenneth Fjellskal NO Busted
Christoph Grabner at Busted
Fabrice Soulier fr Busted
Dante Peykar SE Busted
Vytautas Aganauskas lt Busted
Liran Derei IL Busted
Corel Theuma us Busted
Michele Slama-Saad IT Busted
Dario Amato it Busted
Jon Kyte no Busted
Donna Morton GB Busted
Max Broens NL Busted
Dan Olin SE Busted
Kim Lungstad NO Busted
Carlo van Ravenswoud mt Busted
Marjan Mitrovski mk Busted
Blaz Bolanca SI Busted
Byungwook Ahn kr Busted
Trevor Bulless GB Busted
Shane Dempsey IE Busted
Andreas Nordam DE Busted
Michael Jesse DE Busted
Luca Beretta it Busted
Hrvoje Magzan HR Busted
Tracy Taylor GB Busted
Tom Laghzaoui FR Busted
John Reeves GB Busted
Colin Turnbull GB Busted
Andreas Klatt de Busted
Kyle Pullicino MT Busted
Adam Lynas Busted
Shanmugasundaram Jeyamohan GB Busted
Ian Morris GB Busted
Ekkaphong Phromtha DE Busted
Konstantin Lobach ru Busted
Nathaniel Adams (UK) GB Busted
Soner Vanelderen BE Busted
Bo Bjork SE Busted
Jona Wilmsmann de Busted
Peter Bond GB Busted
Alessandro Barone IT Busted
Nicolaj D'Antoni it Busted
Daragh Davey ie Busted
Kresten Hougaard DK Busted
Grant Anderson US Busted
Martyn Frey gb Busted
John Vella MT Busted
Clint Sammut mt Busted
Alan Ball GB Busted
Cormac McQuillan IE Busted
Mantas Petrauskas lt Busted
Serdar Demircan se Busted
Tom Deschuytter BE Busted
Pierre Faure FR Busted
Shaun Decesare MT Busted
Antoine Degiorgio MT Busted
Steven Penny GB Busted
Stefanos Troumouchis gr Busted
Patrick Van Den Dries be Busted
Daniel Jacobsen dk Busted
Wouter Spitshuis NL Busted
Andreas Hoivold no Busted
Philippe Houman FR Busted
Fredrik Akerholt NO Busted
Vera Kuhl de Busted
Norbert Bobra PL Busted
Stefan Manara MT Busted
Daiva Byrne lt Busted
David Lappin ie Busted
Michael Blaskovic DE Busted
Danut Chisu ro Busted
Rita Logozzo IT Busted
Tommy Lievens BE Busted
Robert James (UK) GB Busted
Terence Jordan GB Busted
Jorgji Kotorri AL Busted
Kenneth Johansen NO Busted
Lucian Neagoe RO Busted
Komil Khamidov PL Busted
Lorenzo Bucci IT Busted
Kevin Finnie GB Busted
Jorden Verbraeken be Busted
Daniel Dankelmann DE Busted
Brendan Quinn IE Busted
Stephane Oberer FR Busted
Rudi de Pauw BE Busted
Edoardo Ganetti IT Busted