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The Bounty Shootout

Level Info

Level 14
Blinds 4,000 / 8,000
Ante 1,000
The Bounty Shootout
Day 2 Completed

Congratulations to Pat Walsh, $10,000 ESPN Bounty Shootout Champion ($241,700)!

donpeters • Level 14: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
Champion Pat Walsh
Champion Pat Walsh

After an epic final table that lasted some 15 hours or so, Pat Walsh finally emerged victorious! Walsh battled hard through a final table that included some great players including his heads-up opponent Ali Eslami, who Walsh had to fade a big draw in the end to take the title.

By beating Eslami, Walsh earned that extra bounty in order to put himself in a five-way tie for the most bounties. He'll chop the $20,000 prize for that with four others and add $4,000 to his score, which includes $40,000 for winning his first table, $26,000 in bounties and $171,700 in first-place prize money. That's a grand total of $241,700.

It's been a very, very long night so we're going to keep this as short as possible. We'd like to thank everyone for following our coverage of The Big Event here in Los Angeles at The Bicycle Casino. Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews for all your live tournament coverage! Congratulations to all the winners and especially Pat Walsh for taking home the title!

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Ali Eslami Eliminated in 2nd Place ($56,000)

donpeters • Level 14: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
Ali Eslami
Ali Eslami

From the button, Ali Eslami called and Pat Walsh checked in the big blind. The flop came down {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{5-Hearts} and Walsh checked. Eslami bet 11,000 and Walsh check-raised all in. Eslami called off his last 80,000 or so.

Eslami: {J-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}
Walsh: {9-Hearts}{3-Clubs}

The turn brought the {8-Spades} and the river the {A-Spades}. Walsh was able to fade all of Eslami's outs and take the tournament title.

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Walsh Still Fighting Back

donpeters • Level 14: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Another flop was seen and this time it came down {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. Pat Walsh checked and Ali Eslami bet 11,000. Walsh made the call.

The turn was the {3-Spades} and both players checked. The river completed the board with the {4-Diamonds} and Walsh bet 20,000. Eslami called.

Walsh showed the {9-Diamonds}{7-Spades} and Eslami mucked his hand.

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Eslami Doubles

donpeters • Level 14: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
Ali Eslami
Ali Eslami

Ali Eslami limped in from the button and Pat Walsh shoved from the big blind. Eslami made the call and the cards were on their backs.

Eslami: {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}
Walsh: {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts}

Eslami was the player at risk for 140,000 and after the board ran out {10-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{6-Spades}, he doubled up .

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