€8,500 Cannes Main Event

Early Cooler

We approached the table after the river had been dealt with a board that read {2-Diamonds} {3-Spades} {6-Spades} {3-Hearts} {Q-Spades}. Nenad Medic has just raised a bet of his opponent only to face a reraise. His answer was to raise once more creating a very large pot for level one.

Raised eyebrows came across the face of Medic's opponent who now seemed less confident about his hand. He just made the call with {6-?} {3-?} for a turned full house. Just as well he did just call as Medic flipped over {Q-?} {Q-?} for a rivered bigger full house.

The fortunate river sees Medic climb to the top of the leader board with 34,200.

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Table of Death

Today's field is exceptionally pro-heavy, and we've spotted one "Table of Death" here in the early going. Over on Table 12, Seat 4 is occupied by Jean-Robert Bellande. Next to him, in Seat 5 is David Williams, while Pascal Perrault owns the 9 Seat. It may be a little bit early to call this the toughest table in the room though, as pros are still trickling in and assessing their table draws.

Star Search

Thus far we've spotted the likes of Sorel Mizzi, David Benyamine, Erica Schoenberg, Pascal Perrault, Jean-Robert Bellande, Nenad Medic, Jeff Madsen, Theo Tran, Tiffany Michelle, Roland de Wolfe, Robert and Michael Mizrachi, Alexander Kostritsyn, David Williams, Glen Chorny, Scotty Nguyen and 2008 WSOP final tablist David 'Chino' Rheem.

There are some very tough tables amidst the field as well. Phil Ivey's appearance has been confirmed, though he has not yet taken his seat.

"Shuffle Up and Deal"

The players have walked the red carpet past the throngs of media and have drawn their seat assignments for today's play. With everyone in their chairs, the announcement has been given in French, and the cards are in the air here on Day 1b!

Players Filtering In

We're about 10 minutes from the start of today's play and already we've seen an increase in the number of spectators here today to watch the players arrive. We're guessing that has a little something to do with today's roster. The Day 1b field is expected to be loaded with big names and the player count should top yesterday's Day 1a number of 226.

Stay tuned -- the action will be underway momentarily.

2008 Partouche Poker Tour: Cannes Main Event - Day 1b

Things are in full swing here at the inaugural Partouche Poker Tour Main Event in Cannes, France. Yesterday's Day 1a flight saw 226 entrants turn out, though only 99 survived. Today's field is expected to be bigger and packed with star power as a majority of the pros associated with Poker Battle are expected to hit the felt.

Amongst the more popular names rumored to be playing are Scotty Nguyen, Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi, Phil Ivey, Evelyn Ng, Jeff Madsen, Theo Tran, David Williams and Nenad Medic.

Play is scheduled to recommence at 3:00 p.m. local time (9:00 a.m. EST) and the PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to bring you all of the action direct from the tournament floor.

We'll see you then!