€8,500 Cannes Main Event

Furst Ropes Another

Sorel Mizzi opens the pot from middle position with a rainbow raise to 1,600. The player to his right calls, and action folds around to Rafe Furst in the small blind. He opts to re-raise, pushing out 4,600 chips in total. Mizzi gets out of the way, but the man in between decides to come along to the flop.

The dealer runs the first three community cards: {9-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts} {Q-Spades}, and Furst leads out with 5,000 chips in continuation. His opponent pauses for a minute, shrugs, and puts in the call.

Fourth street reveals the {7-Spades}. Furst slows down now, checking the action. With little hesitation, his foe moves all in. Furst asks for a count, which has become a lengthy process in this tournament. Slowly, the dealer counts out the stack, and announces the amount in French. It takes several tries before Furst gets an accurate English translation, and he finds out that it is a total bet of 17,625. He studies for a few minutes before making the call, tabling {K-Clubs} {K-Spades}. The all-in player shows down {10-Clubs} {10-Diamonds} and is one card away from the door.

The river does indeed seal his fate, as the {6-Hearts} fails to improve his hand. Furst claims another victim and continues his run towards the top. He is now very healthy, sitting on about 111,000 chips.