MSPT Sycuan Casino
Main Event

Dominic Picinic Eliminated in 2nd Place ($38,412)

Paul_Oresteen • Level 27: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Dominic Picinic

Dominic Picinic raised to 150,000 on the button, Ryan Van Sanford took a short time to think and moved all in. Picinic sat back in his chair, checked his hole cards and placed a calling stack of chips forward.

Van Sanford: {A-Clubs}{J-Spades}
Picinic: {A-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}

The dealer squared the cards on the felt and the board came {K-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}, Picinic didn't improve and Van Sanford won the pot.

The stacks were so close that it took a couple counts to verify that Van Sanford had Picinic covered by around 50,000 and Van Sanford won the title.

Player Chips Progress
Ryan Van Sanford us
Ryan Van Sanford
us 3,600,000 1,800,000
Dominic Picinic us
Dominic Picinic
us Busted