2017 PokerStars Festival London

Main Event
Day: 3
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2017 PokerStars Festival London

Final Results
Winning Hand
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Prize Pool
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100,000 / 200,000

Francesco Cortese Eliminated in 12th Place (£7,070)

Level 27 : 30,000/60,000, 10,000 ante
Francesco Cortese
Francesco Cortese

Daniel Harwood raised to 125,000 from the button and Francesco Cortese called in the big blind. On the {Q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{7-Spades} flop, Cortese check-called a bet worth 145,000 before checking again the {4-Hearts} on the turn. That's where things escalated big time.

Harwood fired a second bet worth 280,000 and Cortese check-raised only for Harwood to move all in. Cortese called all in for 2,215,000 and Harwood immediately sighed towards his rail.

Francesco Cortese: {4-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}
Daniel Harwood: {8-Hearts}{5-Hearts}

Cortese had called the continuation bet with an underpair and turned a set while Harwood had a gutshot and flush draw. As if there was any confirmation needed for the run good of Harwood in this tournament, the {6-Diamonds} on the river completed the straight and he jumped out of his chair to celebrate with a dab.

Then he turned to Cortese and said "Sorry bro. Why you call the flop man, then you don't hit your set," Harwood added. Cortese could all but smile and headed to the payout desk while Harwood took a commanding lead with 11 players remaining.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Harwood gb
Daniel Harwood
6,600,000 2,550,000
Francesco Cortese it
Francesco Cortese

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