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ONCOOP 2022 Daily Recaps
Day: 1

Tripp Takes the Title This Time; "ryanmjmahone" Comes Back Against Kanterjian on Day 2

Steve Tripp
Steve Tripp

On Day 1 of the inaugural PokerStars Ontario Championship of Online Poker (ONCOOP), Steve "BetrThanPhil" Tripp finished runner-up to "Feath21" in Event 3. He was back at it today on Day 2, and this time he wouldn't be denied.

Event 2-H: $300 NLHE [7-Max]

Play resumed in Event 2-H: $300 NLHE [7-Max] with nine players remaining out of a starting field of 85. Tripp began the day in seventh place but knocked out "BobbyW519" with ace-queen against ten-nine, fading a straight draw on the river to climb above 2,200,000 and take a massive chip lead four-handed.

Tripp began applying pressure to the three short stacks, stealing the blinds with all-in shoves before "allenshen" called for their last 277,886 with ace-nine against Tripp's pocket fours. "allenshen" hit an ace on the flop, but Tripp also hit a four to make a set and eliminate "allenshen" in fourth place.

Just two hands later, Giancarlo "thepokerlife" Santolin got their last 389,019 in with king-queen and was up against Tripp holding ace-ten. Santolin found a queen on the flop to take the lead, but Tripp rivered an ace to score another knockout.

Heads-up play would last just one hand. "cchen16" shoved for 403,414 with king-queen and Tripp called with ace-nine. A queen on the flop gave "cchen16" the lead, but Tripp would again river an ace to close out the tournament and take home the title and $6,829.42 first prize.

Tripp's Winning Hand
Tripp's Winning Hand

Final Table results

1Steve "BetrThanPhil" Tripp$6,829.42
3Giancarlo "thepokerlife" Santolin$3,937.85
6Luke "Bananazoo" Chiciak$1,724.15

Event 1-H: $200 NLHE [8-Max, ONCOOP Kickoff]

Event 1-H: $200 NLHE [8-Max, ONCOOP Kickoff] resumed with eight players making it to the final table out of a starting field of 120 entries, including Charbel "KING BAIT" Kanterjian and PokerStars Team Pro Arlie "Prince Pablo" Shaban.

Shaban would be the first casualty of the day after he moved all in for 124,448 on the flop with a straight draw but couldn't improve against Kanterjian's ace-high. "edoiler" eliminated short-stack "averageVlad" in seventh place.

"edoiler" would also claim the next knockout after Luke "Bananazoo" Chiciak three-bet shoved for 463,415 with two threes and ran into "edoiler"'s kings. A king on the flop essentially sealed it, and a three on the river was too late for Chiciak to avoid elimination. "edoiler" also took out "Sesh-Man," limping in pre-flop with two fives, then calling an all-in shove of 164,410. "Sesh-Man," holding ace-ten, couldn't connect with the board and hit the virtual rail in fifth place.

After a lengthy four-handed battle, "flettl2" raised to 70,000, "edoiler" three-bet to 245,000, and Kanterjian four-bet shoved. "flettl2" called for 1,008,566 as "edoiler" got out of the way. "flettl2" had two jacks and needed to hold against Kanterjian's ace-king, but a king fell on the flop and "flettl2" was eliminated in fourth place.

Kanterjian built up a sizeable chip lead, but "edoiler" would bring him back to the pack after doubling up with ace-jack against ten-eight. "ryanmjmahone" would also double up after shoving all in on an ace-high board with three hearts. "edoiler" called with a pair of tens, but "ryanmjmahone" showed two hearts for the flush.

The next hand, "edoiler" got their last 956,764 in the middle against Kanterjian with king-queen but couldn't beat ace-five as Kanterjian took a 4,184,872 to 1,815,128 chip lead over "ryanmjmahone" into heads-up play.

"ryanmjmahone" would double up after being all in with ace-nine against king-ten, flopping top pair and holding on through the turn and river, but the turning point would come a few hands later. On an ace-king-high board, "ryanmjmahone" bet 159,000, Kanterjian raised to 525,000, and "ryanmjmahone" moved all in for 1,436,176. Kanterjian called with two pair, kings and deuces, but "ryanmjmahone" showed ace-king for aces and kings. Another ace on the river improved "ryanmjmahone" to a full house and put a massive dent in Kanterjian's stack.

"ryanmjmahone" Coolers Kanterjian to Double
"ryanmjmahone" Coolers Kanterjian to Double

"ryanmjmahone" doubled up again after catching Kanterjian bluffing with ace-high as they took the pot with top pair of jacks. On the final hand, Kanterjian moved all in for 766,436 with ten-three and "ryanmjmahone" called with ace-four. A ten on the flop left Kanterjian in position for a double up, but "ryanmjmahone" rivered a flush to win the title.

Final Table results

2Charbel "KING BAIT" Kanterjian$3,746.54
6Luke "Bananazoo" Chiciak$1,274.87
8Arlie "Prince Pablo" Shaban$743.67

Stay tuned to PokerNews for a full list of results from Day 2 of the ONCOOP.

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