2021 World Series of Poker 2021 MSPT Venetian
Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in $575
Prize Pool $203,490
Players 399

Level Info

Level 25
Blinds 30,000 / 60,000
Ante 60,000

Garrett Wins Two in a Row

Brentharrington • Level 14: 2,000-4,000, 4,000 ante

While Run Good Pro Grant Hinkle was making his rounds and saying goodbye, Ray Henson, another Run Good Pro raised from middle position.

He made it 6,000 to go and Nolan Garrett called in position.

The flop came {j-Clubs}{9-Spades}{7-Spades} and Henson bet 6,000. Garrett called.

The turn was the {9-Diamonds}, pairing the board. Henson bet again, making it 10,000 to go. Garrett called again.

The river was the {2-Hearts} and Henson bet 10,000 again. This time Garrett raised all in for about 50,000 total. Henson folded.

Garrett then opened the next hand from middle position and both Nick Stille and Jerry Moore called from the blinds.

The flop was {q-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{2-Clubs} and Stille and Moore checked to Garrett who bet 6,000. Stille was the lone caller.

Both players checked the {a-Clubs} on the turn and Stille bet 8,000 when the {7-Hearts} hit the river.

Garrett raised the river again, making it 28,000 to go and Stille folded.

Ron Ramacci US
Ron Ramacci
US 130,000 38,500
Vinh Nguyen us
Vinh Nguyen
us 102,000 45,500
Nicholas Stille US
Nicholas Stille
US 98,000 3,000
Ray Henson us
Ray Henson
us 70,000 500
Nolan Garrett US
Nolan Garrett
US 65,000 18,000

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Berthelsen Keeps the Pressue On

Brentharrington • Level 13: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante

Kevin Berthelsen has been pretty active so far today. He's already added 70,000 to his Day 2 starting stack.

He opened to 10,500 and Ray Rife three-bet to 35,000 from the big blind. Berthelsen called.

The flop came all hearts, {q-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Rife checked. Berthelsen moved all in with a stack that had Rife covered, but just barely. Rife didn't wait too long to fold and Berthelsen stacked even more chips.

Kevin Berthelsen us
Kevin Berthelsen
us 170,000 45,000

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Berthelsen Gets There on the Turn

Brentharrington • Level 13: 2,000-3,000, 3,000 ante

Jovan Sudar opened to 8,500 from middle position and Kevin Berthelsen reraised to 18,500. Dashiell Saenz went all in for about 23,000 and Sudar folded.

Berthelsen called with {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades} and was racing against the {j-Clubs}{j-Spades} of Saenz.

The board ran out {k-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and Berthelsen won the hand, eliminating Saenz.

Jovan Sudar us
Jovan Sudar
us 290,000 -58,500
Kevin Berthelsen us
Kevin Berthelsen
us 125,000 34,500
Dashiell Saenz us
Dashiell Saenz
us Busted

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RGPS Council Bluffs Main Event: 84 Players Seeking First Title of the Season

Run Good Pro Blair Hinkle Starts With a Top 5 Stack
Run Good Pro Blair Hinkle Starts With a Top 5 Stack

The first stop of the Run Good Poker Series Showbound season is coming to a close as Day 2 of the Main Event in Council Bluffs is set to kick off in a little under an hour.

Jovan Sudar leads the way with a whopping 348,500 and is 100,000 in front of all but two of the remaining players. Several of the Run Good Ambassadors made it through, with Julie Cornelius being the last to earn her seat early this morning when she bagged 43,500 in Day 1c.

Thadd Wolf (312,500), Andy Van Blair (266,000), Blair Hinkle (243,500), and Shane Fuller (236,500) round out the top five to start play today.

The top 45 players will earn a min-cash of $920 and the winner will take home the RGPS Showbound trophy and $44,767.

Play restarts at noon and the Day 2 levels will extend to 45 minutes, up from 30 on the starting flights. All the players who make the final table will earn a seat in a special end-of-season Showbound satellite.

The satellite will be played at Run Good's final stop of the season in Tulsa. Two winners will earn a seat to a $5,000 sit and go and a trip to Vegas to play on Poker After Dark.

PokerNews will be bringing you photos and updates from the Horseshoe Council Bluffs as the RGPS Main Event plays to a winner.

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Day 2 Seating Chart

TableSeatPlayerChip Count
Table 6Seat 1Henry Gingerich60,000
Table 6Seat 2Matt Streeter26,500
Table 6Seat 3Thomas Houston76,500
Table 6Seat 4Greg Bogart29,500
Table 6Seat 5Scot Lodes30,500
Table 6Seat 6Jerry Moore90,000
Table 6Seat 7Andy VanBlair266,000
Table 6Seat 8Robert Dean44,500
Table 6Seat 9Nicholas Burris166,000
Table 6Seat 10  
Table 7Seat 1  
Table 7Seat 2  
Table 7Seat 3Kevin Mclaughlin25,000
Table 7Seat 4Duster Ellis70,000
Table 7Seat 5Ron Ramacci91,500
Table 7Seat 6Lee Langenberg9,500
Table 7Seat 7Mat Roling47,500
Table 7Seat 8Steven Belland71,000
Table 7Seat 9Dustin Cunningham77,000
Table 7Seat 10  
Table 8Seat 1Cody Collins203,000
Table 8Seat 2Lorraine Bane139,500
Table 8Seat 3Eric Kyle214,000
Table 8Seat 4Joseph Walters77,500
Table 8Seat 5Mason Hinkle43,000
Table 8Seat 6Scott Buller55,000
Table 8Seat 7Dave Queen160,500
Table 8Seat 8Jeff Dye52,500
Table 8Seat 9  
Table 8Seat 10  
Table 9Seat 1David Young58,000
Table 9Seat 2Chase Kinchen54,500
Table 9Seat 3Ian Nelson143,500
Table 9Seat 4Jovan Sudar348,500
Table 9Seat 5Kevin Berthelsen90,500
Table 9Seat 6Rohman Viar83,000
Table 9Seat 7Aaron Williams11,000
Table 9Seat 8Dashiell Saenz36,500
Table 9Seat 9Ray Rife117,500
Table 9Seat 10  
Table 10Seat 1Mark Treinen56,500
Table 10Seat 2Patrick Watkins154,500
Table 10Seat 3Mike Vanier179,000
Table 10Seat 4Daniel Thomas108,500
Table 10Seat 5Michael Childers200,100
Table 10Seat 6Scott Allacher51,500
Table 10Seat 7David Hengen100,500
Table 10Seat 8Harry Kennedy57,000
Table 10Seat 9Grant Hinkle55,000
Table 10Seat 10  
Table 11Seat 1Eric Habrich34,500
Table 11Seat 2Kyle McKinney195,500
Table 11Seat 3Kipp Smith63,500
Table 11Seat 4  
Table 11Seat 5Alan Pospisil32,500
Table 11Seat 6  
Table 11Seat 7Joe Sutliff31,500
Table 11Seat 8Blair Hinkle243,500
Table 11Seat 9Daniel Dykhouse79,000
Table 11Seat 10  
Table 12Seat 1Shuangezaw Gebremskel122,500
Table 12Seat 2Eric Clark50,500
Table 12Seat 3Cameron Douglas73,000
Table 12Seat 4Luke Blindert54,500
Table 12Seat 5Thakorn Khammahavong119,000
Table 12Seat 6Mark Fitzgibbons48,500
Table 12Seat 7  
Table 12Seat 8Chad Kyle53,500
Table 12Seat 9Paul Strohm106,500
Table 12Seat 10  
Table 13Seat 1JR Reiss37,500
Table 13Seat 2Jerry Heathershaw58,500
Table 13Seat 3Eric Atchison164,500
Table 13Seat 4Conrad Devries78,500
Table 13Seat 5Kristopher Bardfield62,000
Table 13Seat 6Mike Fouts137,500
Table 13Seat 7Nicholas Stille95,000
Table 13Seat 8Nick Barksdale77,500
Table 13Seat 9Shane Fuller236,500
Table 13Seat 10  
Table 14Seat 1Dan Grossman116,500
Table 14Seat 2Nolan Garrett47,000
Table 14Seat 3Julie Anna Cornelius43,500
Table 14Seat 4Vinh Nguyen56,500
Table 14Seat 5James Mullin69,000
Table 14Seat 6Jim Indiver44,500
Table 14Seat 7Cody Bartlett212,000
Table 14Seat 8Ray Henson69,500
Table 14Seat 9Tai Phan114,500
Table 14Seat 10  
Table 15Seat 1Travis Gant97,000
Table 15Seat 2Matthew Stein186,500
Table 15Seat 3Steve Huegerich33,500
Table 15Seat 4Eric Polson58,000
Table 15Seat 5Robert Cote45,000
Table 15Seat 6Joseph Velasquez33,000
Table 15Seat 7Ken Webster117,000
Table 15Seat 8Terry Gardner61,500
Table 15Seat 9Thadd Wolf312,500
Table 15Seat 10  
Main Event
Day 2 Started