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Main Event

That's a Wrap for Showbound Day 1B

Eric Kelly

At the end of the day's play, Eric Kelly held on to the Day 1B chip lead to bag 194,000, with Kurt Haiss (177,500) and James Traber (174,000) nipping at his heels the entire way. Craig Dick (309,000) is still the overall chip leader after his Day 1A performance.

Flight B saw 32 players advance to Day 2. Between Flight A and B, 44 players have made it through to the Day 2 restart.

Flight C is set to begin momentarily. Stay with us as we bring you the pulse of the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Eric Kelly us
Eric Kelly
us 194,000 -16,000
Kurt Haiss us
Kurt Haiss
us 177,500 -24,000
James Traber us
James Traber
us 174,000 1,000
Randy Ritterbush US
Randy Ritterbush
US 169,000 169,000
Joel Farris US
Joel Farris
US 140,000 25,000
Randall Friend US
Randall Friend
US 133,000 133,000
Kyle Kinder us
Kyle Kinder
us 133,000 -12,000
Shane Young US
Shane Young
US 124,000 3,000
Norm Glueckert us
Norm Glueckert
us 119,500 81,300
Mark Van Keirsbilck us
Mark Van Keirsbilck
us 117,000 1,700
Vincent Ramirez us
Vincent Ramirez
us 115,000 -11,500
Micheal Beatty US
Micheal Beatty
US 114,500 114,500
Nick Burris us
Nick Burris
us 108,000 -20,000
Felix Kennedy US
Felix Kennedy
US 105,000 105,000
Matt Riffel us
Matt Riffel
us 104,000 104,000
Clyde Walters us
Clyde Walters
us 102,000 -8,900
Jeff Tebben us
Jeff Tebben
us 92,000 30,500
David Queen US
David Queen
US 82,000 26,000
Mark Barrientos US
Mark Barrientos
US 78,000 46,500
Matt Donaldson us
Matt Donaldson
us 75,000 49,700
Sam Washburn us
Sam Washburn
us 70,000 27,600
Steve Pankey US
Steve Pankey
US 63,500 30,500
Josh Friend US
Josh Friend
US 62,500 62,500
Danny Padilla us
Danny Padilla
us 62,000 62,000
Jason Darland us
Jason Darland
us 61,500 61,500
Jim Indiveri US
Jim Indiveri
US 55,000 3,800
Jovan Sudar us
Jovan Sudar
us 54,500 54,500
Taylor Scott us
Taylor Scott
us 50,000 50,000
Steve Eoff us
Steve Eoff
us 36,000 -5,600
Roy Roberts US
Roy Roberts
US 34,000 -51,400
Travis Hiteshew
Travis Hiteshew
27,500 -95,500
Brandon Rhodes
Brandon Rhodes
27,000 27,000

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