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$575 Main Event

Pirates of the RunGood Poker Series

Hayleyocho • Level 15: 2,500-5,000, 5,000 ante
Preston McEwen

Day 2 of the RG Main Event has been taken over by pirates. What began as a last longer bet in Thursday's $200 Two Green Chip Bounty event turned into eye patches and bandanas all around the Day 2 tournament area. A group of RunGood Ambassadors and regular tour players agreed to a last longer that would result in the last two men standing becoming "team captains." They drafted theur teams for the $575 Main Event. The team that bagged the least amount of chips collectively would have to complete a punishment of the winning team's choosing. The punishment was pirates.

Two captains emerged in Derrick Contreras and Jacob Seale after both players final tabled the $200 Bounty event with Seale placing 3rd and gaining first pick at his Main Event team. The teams were:

Team Jacob (aka the losing team):
Cash Carpenter
Preston McEwen
Paul Strohm
Daniel Lowery
Matt Johnson
Jeff Tebben

Pirates of the RunGood Poker Series
Pirates of the RunGood Poker Series

Team Derrick:
Austin Reilly
Grant Hinkle
Jim Indiviri
Eric Anderson
Vanessa Kade
Michael Lech

Cash Carpenter, Matt Johnson, Daniel Lowery
Cash Carpenter, Matt Johnson, Daniel Lowery

After Day 1A concluded, team Jacob had a lead bagging 4 players and 616,500 chips to team Derrick's 3 players and 491,500 chips.

Punishment suggestions and smack-talking ensued and eventually, an agreement was reached that everyone on the losing team must dress up and speak like a pirate during Day 2 of the Main Event.

It appeared as if team Jacob was going to send team Derrick to walk the plank after Day 1B when they extended their lead 760,000 to 491,500, until the last level of Day 1C when three players combined had over 300,000 in chips, giving team Derrick a sweat. The chips were tossed into bags an hour later and the final numbers were tallied.

Team Jacob: 796,000 chips
Team Derrick: 1,071,500 chips

Eye patches and bandanas were purchased and distributed to even those that didn't make Day 2, and "Arrrrrrrrg matey"s could be heard all the way from table 26.

"Good luck today everyone! Arrrrrghhhhh!" -Paul Strohm

"This is arrrrful," -Matt Johnson

"Ship me the booty!" -Preston McEwen, after winning an all-in.

Jacob Seale
Jacob Seale

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