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2021 NJ/MI SCOOP Day 6: A Dozen More Events in the Books


Now through May 24, Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) festivals are running in both Michigan and New Jersey on PokerStars.

There are more than $3 million in total guarantees spread among 285 individual tournaments (most events having a High, Medium, and Low tier) between the MISCOOP and NJSCOOP. There are events for players of all sorts with buy-ins ranging from $5 to as high as $2,000 and formats from the intricate and challenging 8-game to no-frills no-limit hold'em.

After six days of play, there have been 25,394 entries total for $1,304,347.10 in prize money.

Click here for more information on PokerStars USA SCOOP events.

"mrblonde2020" Wins NJSCOOP 9-H

NJSCOOP 9-H Final Hand

Through the first five days of the NJSCOOP, the series has completed 51 tournaments. Through those, a combined 9,589 entrants competed, and $486,318.25 in prize money awarded.

The 9-H: $200 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill] $10,000 of the 2021 PokerStars New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) came to a close after five and a half hours of play on Thursday night. "mrblonde2020' coming out on top of the 77-entry field as the victor for the $1,746 and an additional $3,074 in bounties for a grand total of $4,820 in winnings.

NJSCOOP-9-H Final Table Results

PlacePlayerBounty WinningsPrize MoneyTotal Payout
4Angel "Chr0meKing" Lopez-$772$772

"mrblonde2020" caught fire at the final table as they made a double elimination to start the table, being the beneficiary of kings over queens over jacks and holding with the best hand; one of the victims being "einplusein", who was a big stack in the earlier parts of the day and ended with a nice accumulated amount of bounties.

Their momentum would continue throughout the final table and would led up to an exciting conclusion. Third place finisher "wxg1989" jammed all in on the river, right into "mrblonde2020"'s rivered flush and then after ten hands of heads up play, second-place finisher "BLACKKOWBOYZ" raised all in on the river after hitting trips, straight into a full house to end the tournament.

Recent 2021 NJSCOOP Winners

DateEventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
May 1318-H: $100 NLHE [Nightly Stars SE], $8K GTD106$9,730.80NEIRB2021$2,228.71
May 1318-M: $30 NLHE, $5K GTD248$6,770.40Barney889$1,303.20
May 1318-L: $20 NLHE [The Big 20 SE], $3.5K GTD271$4,932.20tuffa818181$941.39
May 1319-H: $200 NLHE [PKO, Thursday Thrill], $10K GTD77$14,322mrblonde2020$4,821.45
May 1319-M: $100 NLHE [PKO, Half Price Thrill], $7.5K GTD116$10,648.80JinxySkunk$2,846.73
May 1319-L: $30 NLHE [PKO, Thrill, Mini], $4K GTD237$6,470.10mtmiz$1,234.23
May 1320-H: $100 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $5K GTD51$5,000Nac05302$1,910.77
May 1320-M: $30 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $2K GTD90$2,457mikeyeager$599.31
May 1320-L: $20 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $1.5K GTD101$1,838.20troutray$429.32

"Buckoh555" Wins MISCOOP-13-H

MISCOOP 13-H Lobby

Through six days of play and 39 completed events, the 2021 MISCOOP has catered to 15,805 entrants and awarded $818,028.85 in prize money.

After approximately six hours of play Thursday night, it was “Buckoh555” who took down 2021 MISCOOP Event 13-H: $200 NLHE [Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE], $35K Gtd for a combined prize of $9,103.05 ($3,613.05 for first + $5,489.85 in bounties).

The tournament drew 143 unique entrants with 85 re-entries, which was enough to cover the $35K guarantee and bring the prize pool total to $42,408.

MISCOOP-13-H Final Table Results

PlacePlayer BountiesPrizeTotal
1"Buckoh555" $5,489.85$3,613.20$9,103.05
2Art "RazorsEdge16" Millington $1,136.34$3,613.05$4,749.39
3"dawheelz2.0" $116.25$2,310.45$2,426.70
4"L0rd Denis" $1,203.18$1,727.04$2,930.22
5"Buckle Up Folks" $563.82$1,290.93$1,854.75
6"LouisD60" $232.50$964.96$1,197.46
7"ProfessorNAPE" $636.47$721.29$1,357.76
8"Zeke232323" $244.13$539.15$783.28
9"Upay4mySushi" $546.38$403.01$949.39

It would be the second 2021 MISCOOP final table in a row for "Upay4mySushi", who took down Wednesday night's Event 11-H: $2,000 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller] for $27,262.39, but it wasn't to be as they fell short in ninth place after whiffing a flush draw for the majority of their chips against the top pair of "Buckle Up Folks".

Knockouts came rapidly as escalating blinds forced most of the action to become all-in preflop affairs.

Art "RazorsEdge16" Millington found himself heads-up against "Buckoh555" before long, which would end up being a rather epic showdown. Both players would end up doubling through the other multiple times before "Buckoh555" was able to knock off Millington with a flopped flush versus Millington's top pair.

Recent 2021 MISCOOP Winners

DateEventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
May 1313-H: $200 NLHE [PKO, Thursday Thrill SE], $35K GTD228$42,408Buckoh555$9,103.05
May 1313-M: $50 NLHE [PKO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE], $22.5K GTD566$25,753Lindy2424$4,892.50
May 1313-L: $20 NLHE [PKO, Bounty Builder $20 SE], $10K GTD673$12,248.60rkellyishere$2,142.07

Both NJSCOOP and MISCOOP will have continued coverage here on PokerNews via daily recaps and live reporting of select events. You can find the homepage for the New Jersey coverage here and the Michigan coverage here.

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