Event #7: $100,000 Short Deck Hold’em

Paul Phua Eliminated in 2nd Place ($728,000)

will_shill • Level 16: 0-0, 40,000 ante

Tony G limped with {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} and Paul Phua picked up {a-Diamonds}{a-Hearts} on the button. He raised to 300,000 and Tony G moved all in. Phua snap-called.

"Crazy...brutal." said Tony G. "I can still win."

The flop came {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}.

"Completely drawing dead," said Tony G, but the turn {7-Clubs} gave him a flush draw.

"Red, red red!" said Phua. "I'll give you a king."

"Don't worry," said Tony G. "I've never seen a flush like this. It would be a miracle."

The river card was the {9-Clubs} completing Tony G's flush and sending Phua to the rail in second place.

"This is brutal! This is unbelievable. What are the odds of that?" said Tony G. "I'm the best. I am the luckiest."

Player Chips Progress
Tony G lt
Tony G
lt 7,800,000 2,100,000
Paul Phua my
Paul Phua
my Busted