2022 MSPT Winter Poker Classic

$1,100 Main Event
Days: 1c
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2022 MSPT Winter Poker Classic

Final Results
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Prize Pool
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150,000 / 300,000
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$1,100 Main Event

Day 1c Completed

Jesse West Leads 52 Players After Day 1c

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Jesse West
Jesse West

Day 1c of the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Running Aces $1,110 Main Event attracted a massive 429 runners, which along with 1a's 238 and 1b’s 348, brought the total field up to 1,015 entries, setting yet another MSPT record at Running Aces.

At the end of the third and final flight, 51 players bagged and tagged with Jesse West bagging the top stack 561,000 while Stan Webb (515,000) was the only other player to bag over 500k.

Rounding out the top five stacks were Jason Whitelaw (484,000), MSPT Hall of Famer Blake Bohn (420,000), and DJ Buckley (384,000).

$1,110 MSPT Running Aces Event Day 1c Top Ten Chip Counts

RankNameChip Count
1Jesse West561,000
2Stan Webb515,000
3Jason Whitelaw484,000
4Blake Bohn420,000
5DJ Buckley384,000
6 Andy Tran380,000
7Umut Ozturk355,000
8Nao Yang355,000
9Tye Rogers328,000
10James Lawrence328,000

They were joined by Nik Stone (297,000), Beile Li (262,00), Jason Sell (240,000), reigning Running Aces Main Event champ Chan Pelton (196,000), CJ Peake (195,000), and last year's POY Kyna England (121,000).

Among those to see their night end on Day 1c were MSPT Hall of Famer's, Kou Vang & Rob Wazwaz, MSPT champions Mark Sandness & David Gonia and GPI's woman's POY top candidate Angela Jordison.

The surviving players from all three flights – of which there are (31 from Day 1a, 40 from 1b, and 52 from 1c) – will return at 11 a.m. local time on Sunday, December 11th to play down to a winner.

PokerNews will capture all the action until a winner is crowned so make sure to come back!

MSPT Winter Poker Classic Remaining Schedule

*DateTime (CDT)Tournament 
Sunday, 12/1111:00 AMDay 2: $1,110 MSPT $300K GTD Main Event NLH (2-Day Event) 
Sunday, 12/1112:00 PM$250 Last Chance NLH 
Sunday, 12/113:00 PM$135 Last Dance NLH 

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Day 2 Seat Draw

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
61Beile Li262,000
62Ryan Tyler234,000
63Connor Sun127,000
64Derek Stay84,000
65Sandeep Cherukuri580,000
66Brian Johnson86,000
67Arturas Astrauskas272,000
68Rodney Colson221,000
69Justin Barnum80,000
71Ezequiel Gonzalez169,000
72Stan Webb515,000
73Jun Kim256,000
74Kevin Kelly50,000
75William Criego205,000
76Jesse Haddeland117,000
77Eric Eelkema129,000
78Yer Vang220,000
79Gary Ewald95,000
81Peyton Smith188,000
82Eric Alwin202,000
83Rob Adsem211,000
84Kevin McMahon126,000
85Tom Dean54,000
86Todd Melander92,000
87Gennad Shimelfarb178,000
88Ian Dean45,000
89Scott Zwilling100,000
91Chris Trombley224,000
92Vyacheslav Mostov238,000
93Chris Moon127,000
94Nao Yang355,000
95Bradley Demotts178,000
96Gerald Cunniff373,000
97Chad Chizek81,000
98Steve Wazwaz258,000
99William Nguyen225,000
141Shane Maki449,000
142Josh Bozarth488,000
143Joe Listle56,000
144Paula Halata71,000
145Wallace Dawkins59,000
146Matt Alexander269,000
147Kelli McGuire92,000
148Saeed Ghasemimehk134,000
149Thai Dinh129,000
151Jodene Jensen122,000
152Luke Struck326,000
153Vlad Revniaga240,000
154Blake Bohn420,000
155Ian Matakis218,000
156Jason Whitelaw484,000
157Mike Schneider146,000
158James Lawrence328,000
159Wilnor Lundi231,000
171Jessica Anderson197,000
172Terence Reid653,000
173Chan Pelton192,000
174Jon Hanner270,000
175Jeremy Holmes237,000
176Dan Warner184,000
177Todd Breyfogle209,000
178Kyna England121,000
179Tye Rogers328,000
181Bruce Simmons115,000
182Bill Brudenell150,000
183Clayton Warner196,000
184Dennis Stevermer78,000
185Anthony Sedlak363,000
186Barb Blechinger106,000
187Josh Thomas101,000
188Rober Schoonover138,000
189Tommy Zabka51,000
191Adam Wiatrowski213,000
192Colden Carlson58,000
193Zak Beasy191,000
194Nick Kromschroeder313,000
195Benjamin Hafner95,000
196Ryan Yanick134,000
197Craig Fierhe442,000
198Andy Tran380,000
199Shane Stegora90,000
201Andrew Eik206,000
202DJ Buckley384,000
203Kirby Rogers506,000
204Steve Tully131,000
205Aaron Johnson208,000
206Brya Manke37,000
207Sean Giere68,000
208Dave Grandin142,000
209Alex Maas196,000
211Joshua Hersch79,000
212Janae Magnuson118,000
213Chris Knapp278,000
214Dustin Melius234,000
215CJ Peake195,000
216Jesse West561,000
217Mike Wilkow100,000
218Alex Wheeler335,000
219Jason Sell240,000
221Nik Stone297,000
222Matt Wolff506,000
223Matt Kirby186,000
224Victor Akuloff206,000
225Jon Maras361,000
226Shawn Libersky229,000
227Carter Jones106,000
228Michael Roher98,000
241Cameron Wood83,000
242Umut Ozturk355,000
243Justin Thurlow174,000
244Loki Abboud328,000
245Marc Harrell63,000
246Jesse Olberding214,000
247John Piatkowski162,000
248Matthew Przybilla28,000
251Mark Reid108,000
253Paul Carney69,000
254Jonathan Garcia116,000
255Russell DeVilbliss287,000
257Jeffrey Campe125,000
258Anthony Scarborough79,000

End of Day 1c Chip Counts (full)

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Jesse West us
Jesse West
561,000 81,000
Stan Webb us
Stan Webb
515,000 60,000
Jason Whitelaw us
Jason Whitelaw
484,000 84,000
Blake Bohn us
Blake Bohn
420,000 20,000
DJ Buckley us
DJ Buckley
384,000 9,000
Andy Tran us
Andy Tran
Umut Ozturk us
Umut Ozturk
355,000 -29,000
Nao Yang us
Nao Yang
355,000 10,000
Tye Rogers us
Tye Rogers
328,000 -137,000
James Lawrence us
James Lawrence
328,000 103,000
Nik Stone us
Nik Stone
297,000 75,000
Arturas Astrauskas us
Arturas Astrauskas
Beile Li us
Beile Li
262,000 92,000
Jun Kim us
Jun Kim
256,000 56,000
Vlad Revniaga mx
Vlad Revniaga
Jason Sell us
Jason Sell
240,000 95,000
Jeremy Holmes us
Jeremy Holmes
Ryan Tyler us
Ryan Tyler
Dustin Melius us
Dustin Melius
234,000 44,000
Wilnor Lundi us
Wilnor Lundi
Jesse Olberding us
Jesse Olberding
Eric Alwin us
Eric Alwin
Jessica Anderson us
Jessica Anderson
197,000 -48,000
Clayton Warner us
Clayton Warner
CJ Peake us
CJ Peake
195,000 45,000

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Prize Pool and Payout Information

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante

The $1,100 MSPT Running Aces Main Event attracted a total of 1,015 entries through three starting flights and blew past the $500,000 GTD by more almost double and generated a 983,050 prize pool.

MSPT Running Aces $1,110 Main Event Payouts

PlacePrizeMSPT POY Points

Most Main Event Titles

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Dan Bekavac
Dan Bekavac

Since its inception in 2009, the MSPT has done a great job keeping track of player stats. As a result, 13 years on they have one of the best player databases in the industry.

On their "Leaderboards" page, the MSPT tracks such things as Career Earnings, Main Event Cashes, Main Event Final Tables, Main Event Titles, Total Cashes, Most Cashes/Final Tables in a Season, Most Final Tables All-Time, and much more. Click here for a look at all the leaderboards.Click here for a look at all the leaderboards.

Here's a look at the top ten MSPT Main Event Titleholders:

PlayerHometownMain Event Titles
Daniel BekavacChicago, IL4
Matt KirbyBemidji, MN3
Blake BohnEden Prarie, MN3
Carl CarodenutoBloomington, MN3
Jeremy DreschFridley, MN2
Ben MarshDuluth, MN2
John HayesSt. Paul, MN2
Dan SunCedar Rapids, IA2
Peixin LiuBlaine, MN2
Jason ZarlengaLansing, MI2

More Chip Counts

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Jesse West us
Jesse West
480,000 480,000
Tye Rogers us
Tye Rogers
465,000 465,000
Stan Webb us
Stan Webb
Blake Bohn us
Blake Bohn
Umut Ozturk us
Umut Ozturk
384,000 34,000
DJ Buckley us
DJ Buckley
375,000 52,000
Nao Yang us
Nao Yang
345,000 45,000
Jessica Anderson us
Jessica Anderson
245,000 2,000
Bryan Manke us
Bryan Manke
225,000 35,000
Nik Stone us
Nik Stone
222,000 168,000
Bill Brudenell us
Bill Brudenell
200,000 12,000
Kyna England us
Kyna England
175,000 25,000
CJ Peake us
CJ Peake
150,000 125,000
Jason Sell us
Jason Sell
Ryan Yanick us
Ryan Yanick
136,000 -29,000
Brian Johnson us
Brian Johnson
135,000 13,000
Jun Kim us
Jun Kim
130,000 9,000
Zak Beasy us
Zak Beasy
127,000 -8,000
Thai Dinh us
Thai Dinh
107,000 27,000
Todd Melander us
Todd Melander
95,000 70,000
Michael Wilklow us
Michael Wilklow
94,000 -56,000
Joshua Thomas us
Joshua Thomas
84,000 -21,000
Chan Pelton us
Chan Pelton
80,000 20,000
Kitkat Klassen us
Kitkat Klassen
66,000 -87,000

Late Night Counts

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Jason Whitelaw us
Jason Whitelaw
400,000 28,000
Blake Bohn us
Blake Bohn
400,000 77,000
James Lawrence us
James Lawrence
225,000 55,000
Dustin Melius us
Dustin Melius
190,000 25,000
Chris Moon us
Chris Moon
90,000 15,000
Jason Crews us
Jason Crews
90,000 -10,000
Jodene Jensen us
Jodene Jensen
60,000 -138,000
Paula Halata us
Paula Halata
55,000 -10,000
Mark Sandness us
Mark Sandness
Rob Wazwaz us
Rob Wazwaz
WSOP 1X Winner
Sam DeSilva us
Sam DeSilva
Vic Peppe us
Vic Peppe
Cory Cove us
Cory Cove
Kou Vang us
Kou Vang
Mike Hancock us
Mike Hancock
Chad Smith us
Chad Smith

MSPT Hall of Famer Kou Vang Wins High Roller

Level 15 : Blinds 3,000-5,000, 5,000 ante
Kou Vang
Kou Vang

While PokerNews is here offering live updates for the $1,100 Main Event, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about some of the side events that have taken place out over the past week for the Winter Poker Classic here at Running Aces Casino.

In Event #9: $2,500 NLH MSPT Hall of Fame High Roller, 98 runners created a $225,400 prize pool that was paid out to the top 12 players.

Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Ian Matakis (10th - $4,733), Justin Coliny (11th - $4,733), and MSPT Hall of Famer Blake Bohn (12th - $4,733).

In the end, it was Minnesota legend and MSPT Hall of Famer Kou Vang who collected every chip in play to capture the MSPT Winter Poker Classic Trophy, along with a $67,621

Final Table Results

1Kou Vang$67,621 
2Sam DeSilva$41,924 
3Terence Reid$29,527 
4John Dennehey$21,413 
5Rob WazWaz$15,778 
6Loki Abboud$11,721 
7David Grandin$9,467 
8Carl Carodenuto$7,664 
9Chris Trombley$6,086