Live Events 4
HK$1,000,000 Short Deck Ante-Only

Kee Tackles Arnaud

Jan_Kores • Level 12: 0-0, 15,000 ante
Romain Arnaud

Romain Arnaud shoved under the gun for 825,000 with {J-Diamonds}{10-Spades} but Kenneth Kee peeled {K-Spades}{K-Hearts} on the button and he put him at risk.

The {9-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} flop gave Arnaud an open-ender but Kee blocked the high end. The {7-Clubs} and {9-Hearts} runout missed Arnaud's four outs and he walked away in 10th place.

Player Chips Progress
Kenneth Kee SG
Kenneth Kee
SG 2,500,000 -482,000
Romain Arnaud FR
Romain Arnaud
FR Busted

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