Main Event

Down to 60 Players

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Michel Leibgorin won a pot against Fernando Pons with {A-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} when both flopped top pair with the ten to boost his stack further. He is still quite off the monster stack of Daniel, though, while Team Pro Johan Guilbert is doing some work at the tables.

Robert Cohen and Andrei Luncan were eliminated and there are just 60 hopefuls remaining.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel ES
ES 700,000 175,000
Michel Leibgorin fr
Michel Leibgorin
fr 440,000 50,000
Johan Guilbert fr
Johan Guilbert
fr 360,000 92,000
Ludovic Moryousef fr
Ludovic Moryousef
fr 340,000 65,000
Fernando Pons es
Fernando Pons
es 300,000 -170,000
Louis Linard fr
Louis Linard
fr 280,000 50,000
Nicolas FR
FR 150,000 -110,000
Fadhil Farag ma
Fadhil Farag
ma 130,000 -10,000
Gael Le Bihan FR
Gael Le Bihan
FR 130,000
[Removed:146] FR
FR 130,000 20,000
Paul es
es 95,000 -33,600
Robert Cohen us
Robert Cohen
us Busted
Andrei Luncan RO
Andrei Luncan
RO Busted

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