Seneca Summer Slam

Main Event

Moryousef Spikes an Ace

zedmaster84 • Level 24: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante

Ludovic Moryousef shoved for 138,000 from the button and flashed the {K-Spades} after all opponents had folded.

One hand later he jammed from the cutoff for 197,000 and Elizabeth Tedder in the big blind quickly called.

Ludovic Moryousef: {A-Spades}{6-Clubs}
Elizabeth Tedder: {K-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}

The board came {A-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{J-Clubs} and the Day 1 chip leader doubled.

One hand later, Tedder limped in from the small blind and folded to the shove of Anthony Cruz for 495,000 in total.

Chip Counts
Elizabeth Tedder us 650,000 -398,000
Anthony Cruz 547,000 -205,000
Ludovic Moryousef fr 450,000 198,000

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