Main Event

Welcome to the WPT Cyprus Final Table!

WPT Cyprus Trophy

This is it, the final six players are just arriving, all hoping to become the WPT Cyprus champion and pick up the $287,784 for 1st place. Israel's Ran Azor is the current chip leader but the big story is obviously Marvin Rettenmaier, he won the $25,000 WPT World Championship back in May and he's looking to become the first person to ever win back to back WPT's, a true feat.

It's going to be a difficult final table for the German though, apart from the short stack Joseph El Khoury, the rest of the chips are finely balanced between the players, all of whom have been chip leader at some point during the tournament.

We'll be starting at 1pm and because this event is being live streamed, it's going to be slightly more difficult than usual to get all the action. Nevertheless, we'll do our absolute best and bring you all the details from the first riffle to the last river!

1Joseph El Khoury435,000
2Victor Paraschiv1,115,000
3Kiryl Radzivonau1,865,000
4Marvin Rettenmaier2,020,000
5Artur Voskanyan2,030,000
6Ran Azor2,405,000