888poker WPTDS London Online 2021 World Series of Poker Europe
WSOPC #6: $170 Mini Main Event, $2M Gtd.

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poolshir • Level 42: 2,500,000-5,000,000, 600,000 ante

"CallMeBatya" limped in on the button and "asky86" opted to check.

The flop came {10-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}, "asky86" check0raised the 5,000,000 bet of "CallMeBatya" to 10,000,000 and was called.

They both checked through the {4-Clubs} on the turn to the {2-Diamonds} on the river. "asky86" bet 15,600,000 and was called. "asky86" tabled the {q-Diamonds}{9-Spades} for the missed straight draw for "CallMeBatya" to gain more chips as they held the {a-Hearts}{8-Spades} for the higher kicker.

Player Chips Progress
CallMeBatya ru
ru 347,130,387 81,144,001
asky86 CN
CN 85,829,826 -81,144,001