$1,700 Main Event
$1,700 Main Event
Day 1a Completed

Michael Stein Finds Biggest Stack on Day 1a of Main Event

jeffmcmillan • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante
Michael Stein
Michael Stein

The first flight of the $1,700 Main Event at the Rio All Suites and Casino has come to an end with a total of 290 entry slips sold during the ten levels that were played and just 57 remained by nights end.

Finding the biggest stack of the Day 1a flight was Michael Stein with a total of 387,000 going into his bag by night's end. Stein jumped to the top of the leaderboard early in the day and never really seemed to slow down, finding barely any hurdles along the way to bagging the lead.

Other noticeably big stacks that emerged from this flight include Leo Worthington-Leese (354,000), Kevin MacPhee (301,000), Gabriel Amolroude (297,000), Aram Zobian (284,500), Bradley Hinson (268,500), and Karapet Galstyan (237,000).

Some well-knowns to secure a seat on Day 2 are Peter Vitantonio (225,500), Craig Varnell (211,000), Matas Cimbolas (211,000), Ali Imsirovic (125,500), Adam Hendrix (117,500), Brock Wilson (116,000), and Sam Cosby (86,500).

The remaining players from this flight will combine with the survivors in Day 1b and will return on Monday, February 24, for Day 2. The prize poll and payout will be announced tomorrow after the late registration period has closed on the final flight of this event.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be bringing you all of the updates throughout the event so stay tuned as the action unfolds.

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

jeffmcmillan • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante
Michael Stein us
Michael Stein
us 387,000 82,000
Leo Worthington-Leese gb
Leo Worthington-Leese
gb 354,000 94,000
Kevin MacPhee us
Kevin MacPhee
us 301,000 301,000
Gabriel Amolroude US
Gabriel Amolroude
US 297,000 297,000
Aram Zobian us
Aram Zobian
us 284,500 -60,500
Bradley Hinson us
Bradley Hinson
us 268,500 268,500
Kim Lowell US
Kim Lowell
US 252,000 252,000
Karapet Galstyan us
Karapet Galstyan
us 237,500 -37,500
Shawn Rice us
Shawn Rice
us 236,500 236,500
Peter Vitantonio us
Peter Vitantonio
us 225,500 92,500
Anthony Silano US
Anthony Silano
US 222,000 222,000
Matas Cimbolas lt
Matas Cimbolas
lt 211,000 211,000
Craig Varnell us
Craig Varnell
us 211,000 131,000
Rick Biever us
Rick Biever
us 208,000 -17,000
Louis Francoeur GB
Louis Francoeur
GB 207,500 207,500
Anthony Farrell us
Anthony Farrell
us 207,000 177,000
Michael Pearson us
Michael Pearson
us 199,000 199,000
Brett Shaffer us
Brett Shaffer
us 180,000 180,000
Patrick Ronan us
Patrick Ronan
us 175,000 175,000
Aram Amiryan US
Aram Amiryan
US 170,500 -39,500
Tai Nguyen us
Tai Nguyen
us 165,000 90,000
Mitch Garshofsky us
Mitch Garshofsky
us 165,000 115,000
Patrick Truong us
Patrick Truong
us 164,000 29,000
Javier Zarco es
Javier Zarco
es 150,000 -20,000
Yaron Malki il
Yaron Malki
il 140,500 -89,500

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Biever Scoops with Big Slick

MartianNews • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante

A player moved all in, totaling 40,000 and Rick Biever moved his 89,000 into the middle. A third opponent called bot and the three tabled their hands.

Opponent: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}
Rick Biever: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}
Opponent: {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}

The board rolled out {a-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{9-Spades}{5-Diamonds} and Biever's flopped ace took down the pot, sending one opponent home as he doubled through the other.

Rick Biever us
Rick Biever
us 225,000 225,000

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Cosby Takes One Down

MartianNews • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante

A player limped from under the gun and Peter Vitantonio raised to 9,000. Sam Cosby moved his stack of about 85,000 into the middle and both of his opponents folded, sending an easy pot to Cosby late in the night.

Sam Cosby us
Sam Cosby
us 105,000 31,500

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Ryan Leng Captures 3rd Career WSOPC Gold Ring

MartianNews • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante
Ryan Leng
Ryan Leng

PokerNews is in town to live report both the $1,700 Main Event and $2,200 High Roller here at the World Series of Poker Circuit Rio Las Vegas, but those are just three of the gold ring events that will have played out by the end of the series.

In Event #7: $400 NLH/PLO Mix 8-Handed, 103 entrants created a $33,990 prize pool that was paid out to the top 16 players including Ming Zhu (3rd - $4,085), Ian Steinman (7th - $1,210), James Hoeppner (11th - $703), JJ Liu (12th - $703), and Andrew Donabedian (16th - $597).

In the end, bracelet winner Ryan Leng bested Mark Liedtke in heads-up play to win the title for $9,722 and his third career gold ring.

“It feels great, especially in a format like this. No-limit hold’em is my main game and in PLO I’m still learning the tournament strategy, so it feels good to get a win in a mixed game like this where I’ve put in some time to study and trying to learn the game,” Leng said after the victory.

He added: “Winning a tournament is always so much fun. The money is obviously not one of the bigger ones, but I just really love the game and winning a tournament is always so much fun regardless of tournament, field size or buy-in. I love this game, I thoroughly love it. I’m constantly trying to improve, and I’m always trying new things. I also work on being creative, and learn new games. I’m always motivated to play, I want to win every tournament I enter so it is easy for me to stay motivated.”

Final Table Results

1Ryan LengWheeling, Illinois$9,722
2Mark LiedtkeManassas, Virginia$6,002
3Ming ZhuPortland, Oregon$4,085
4Steven GirouardLas Vegas, Nevada$2,869
5Darren StillwellMorganton, North Carolina$2,080
6Christopher CareyEfland, North Carolina$1,559
7Ian SteinmanMountain View, California$1,210
8Spencer SimpsonDraper, Utah$973

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Updated Chip Counts

MartianNews • Level 14: 1,000-2,500, 2,500 ante
Aram Zobian us
Aram Zobian
us 345,000 30,000
Michael Stein us
Michael Stein
us 305,000 20,000
Javier Zarco es
Javier Zarco
es 170,000 97,000
Brett Schaffer US
Brett Schaffer
US 165,000 65,000
Ali Imsirovic ba
Ali Imsirovic
ba 150,000 90,000
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
us 135,000 73,000
Stanley Lee us
Stanley Lee
us 135,000 31,000
Patrick Truong us
Patrick Truong
us 135,000 70,000
Alex Rocha us
Alex Rocha
us 100,000 50,000
Craig Varnell us
Craig Varnell
us 80,000 52,000
Dan Martin us
Dan Martin
us 70,000 31,500
Mitch Garshofsky us
Mitch Garshofsky
us 50,000 16,000
Kami Hudson us
Kami Hudson
us 45,000 -20,000
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
us 45,000 20,000
Terry Fleischer us
Terry Fleischer
us 35,000 -5,000
Jesse Sylvia us
Jesse Sylvia
us 22,000 -4,000

Malki Accumulating

jeffmcmillan • Level 14: 1,000-2,500, 2,500 ante

Action was picked up on the turn with the board reading {5-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{k-Spades}{a-Clubs}. Zeev Malki called his opponent's bet of 13,000.

The river came the {4-Spades}. Malki led out with a bet of 26,000 which caused his opponent to fold quickly as sent the pot to Malki.

Yaron Malki il
Yaron Malki
il 230,000

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