2007 World Series of Poker

Event 17 - $1,000 Ladies No Limit Holdem
Days: 3
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2007 World Series of Poker

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20,000 / 40,000

Thater Getting Impatient

Katja Thater is realizing we will be here all night, as no one wants to play. Katja tries to force the action by raising with {3-Clubs}{4-Spades}, and Anne Heft moves in over the top with {a-Clubs}{4-Hearts}. Katja has the math to call, and throws a few more chips out. The flop beings a {3-Diamonds}, but the turn is an {a-Diamonds}, and Anne doubles up through Katja. Katja is losing momentum.

Katja Gets Ready to Gamble

You sense a shift in Katja's mindset on this hand. Mindy moves in for the umpteenth time, and Katja calls her with {q-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}. Mindy flips over {a-Hearts}{j-Spades}, and she is all in for her tournament life one more time The flop brings a queen, but also an ace. The turn and river are blanks, and Mindy Trinidad doubles up for the fifth or sixth time.

She's Not Shy

At this actionless final table, you have to give Mindy Trinidad some credit. She moves in for about the 10th time in the last 90 minutes, but this time she gets called by a better hand. Mindy shows {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}, and Anne Heft moves all in over the top with {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts}. The fate of this table seems to be that of a marathon, as the board brings {7-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{7-Spades}{7-Hearts}{a-Hearts}, and Mindy and Anne chop the pot.

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Trinidad is Three for Three

Mindy Trinidad moves in with {K-Spades}{Q-Clubs}, and gets **gasp** a call from Anne Heft in the big blind with {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}. Trinidad must be living right, as she catches a king on the {k-Clubs}{6-Spades}{10-Hearts} flop. Heft can still catch an ace, or a queen, but no help comes and Trinidad has doubled up for the third time in the last hour or so. It works every time but the last time...

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Short-Stack Play

A short-stacked Mindy Trinidad moves in with {K-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}. She is so short, she gets called by Anne Heft in the big blind with {8-Spades}{9-Spades}. Anne flops a gutshot, but other than that the board never improves, and Mindy Trinidad doubles up, but is still pretty short.

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Do You Remember the Song ‘Dancin’ In Heaven’?

You Know….the one that goes “Slow….Slow….Quick..Quick….Slow”

Sing along in your head, instead replacing the Slow/Quick with “raise…fold…..raise..raise…fold” – and you will get an idea of the rhythm of the play. We’re not seeing a lot of flops….and if you think I’m reaching with this post – you’re right.

Vanessa Selbst -- Eighth Place.

The one woman who was standing up to Katja Thater at the table is no longer at the table. Vanessa Selbst moved all in with {a-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}, and Katja Thater re-raised to isolate with {7-Spades}{7-Hearts}. The board did not look too promising on the flop {J-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{9-Clubs}, but the turn opened up some outs, when the {2-Clubs} fell. No gut shot, or Ace for Vanessa, and she has to be disappointed with an 8th place finish. Vanessa won $20,480 for her play.

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