WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #11: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Event Info

Prize Pool $3,460,050
Players 2563

Level Info

Level 30
Blinds 60,000 / 120,000
Ante 15,000

Hand #124: Simon Watt


Tom Dwan has the button.

He limps in for the second time in a row, and Simon Watt promptly raises to 400,000 straight. That gets Dwan out of the way, and Watt takes it down.

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Hand #122: Ace-High Good for Watt


Tom Dwan has the button.

He limps in this time, and Simon Watt checks to see a free flop.

It comes out {4-Diamonds} {9-Clubs} {J-Diamonds}, and Watt knocks the table slowly. Dwan follows suit, and the {Q-Diamonds} is a fun card on fourth street. Alas, they check-check it again.

The {J-Hearts} fills out the board, and they both check again. Watt shows {A-Hearts} {7-Clubs}, and his ace-high is good.

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Hand #117: First One to Watt


Simon Watt has the button.

Watt raises to 250,000 with the button and Tom Dwan calls.

The flop falls {6-Clubs}{K-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and Dwan checks to Watt who bets 305,000. Dwan studies Watt for a bit before making the call.

The {Q-Diamonds} turns and Dwan checks again and Watt bets 700,000. The room falls completely silent.

Dwan sits quietly, riffling his chips and finally folds.

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David Randall Eliminated in 3rd Place ($270,299)


Hand #116:

Tom Dwan has the button.

He folds, David Randall moves all in for 1.05 million from the small blind, and Simon Watt quickly calls! Just like that, there are two million chips in the pot and Randall is at risk. Cards on the their backs, fellas:

Randall: {A-Spades} {K-Spades}
Watt: {A-Diamonds} {2-Clubs}

Once again the tension comes to a climax as the entire arena rises to their feet and a buzz of excitement courses through our side of the room. We're ready for the first three cards.

Flop: {4-Diamonds} {3-Diamonds} {4-Clubs}

Oh my, that's pretty exciting. The reaction from the stands is nearly overwhelming, and once again players start meandering over here from the $10,000 Stud/8 event to see what all the fuss is about. Let's have a turn card, shall we?

Ahem... {2-Spades}!

An eruption of cheers in the bleachers, players and spectators jumping up and down. Friends of Randall grabbing their heads and turning away. Dwan's corner is going nuts in anticipation of the heads-up battle just one card away.

River: {7-Diamonds}

That's all she wrote for Randall, three-outed right out the door after having a nearly-insurmountable lead when three-handed play began. He'll take a cash reward of $270,299, but he is visibly disappointed at the result of that hand.

Ready for some heads-up poker?

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