Event #2: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Kenney Takes Huge Pot Off Dwan

OHairDJ • Level 10: 2,000-4,000, 0 ante
Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan raised to 5,300 from the button and Bryn Kenney re-popped it to 13,200. Dwan called to see a flop. The flop came {5-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{6-Clubs} and Kenney led out for 13,800. Dwan made the call. When the {A-Clubs} hit the turn, Kenney opted to check, prompting a 21,700 bet from Dwan. Kenney decided to peel one more and made the call. Kenney then moved all in for approximately 50,000 when the {7-Clubs} came on the river and Dwan quickly called with his remaining stack. Kenney showed {8-Spades}{8-Clubs} for the rivered straight and Dwan mucked his hand. Dwan traded one of his two remaining add-on chips for 50,000.

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