Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Matt Smith Eliminated in 7th Place ($25,228)

Matt Smith - 7th Place

Chen: (X)(X) / {A-}{4-}{2-}{4-}
Smith: (X)(X) / {7-}{3-}{A-}{3-}

Tommy Chen completed and Matt Smith made the call. Chen led out on fourth and Smith called the bet. On fifth, Chen checked and now Smith bet. Chen came back with a check-raise and Smith called. On sixth, Chen went back to leading out and Smith raised to put himself all in. Chen made the call and quickly slammed down {5-}{6-} for a six-low as he got out of his chair and began hopping. Smith turned over {5-}{8-} for an eight-low that was drawing dead. The last cards for each were a meaningless {10-} for Chen and a {2-} for Smith that made him a seven-low that wasn’t good enough and he was eliminated. The pot gave Chen somewhat of a recovery of the chips he had lost in the previous few pots.

Player Chips Progress
Matt Smith us
Matt Smith
us Busted

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