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Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz
Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz
Day 3 Completed

Su and Porter Need One More Day

EricRamsey • Level 27: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante

Ten levels today was just not enough. We're up against our hard-stop time here at 3:30 A.M., and heads-up play has been suspended until 3:00 P.M. Tuesday afternoon.

When this third day began, there were still 23 players in contention for this bracelet. It took about 12 hours to shrink that number down to just two, and a resolution could not be found before the end of play. When the two men bagged up for the night, Stephen Su is in control of the big stack with about a 3:2 lead over Rep Porter.

Those chips have been accumulated with great rigor today, gifts from those who've fallen by the wayside. The first of them to go was Greg Dyer, sent packing just a few minutes into this day. He was soon followed out the door by a handful of familiar faces, including Chad Brown, Victor Ramdin, Scott Bohlman, and 2011 bracelet winner John Monnette.

Chris Bjorin was in the hunt for bracelet #3 as the field combined around the final table of eight, but his day was cut short in 6th place. The other European at the table, Andreas Krause fell shortly thereafter in fifth. In fourth went Robert Williamson III and his two-deep cheering section along the rail. Wiliamson kept things lively at the table with his floral shirt and his beer-and-hot-sauce cocktails, but he could not stave off elimination long enough to collect a second piece of WSOP jewelry.

Tommy Chen was the big stack for about two full days, but his run finally came to an end in third place to leave Porter and Su heads-up for the title. They both had their hands on significant chip leads over the course of this day, but at the end of the day, it's Su on top with 1.655 million to Porter's 1.08 million.

The two of them will be back inside the Amazon Room less than 12 hours from now to settle the score. We'll be here too, and we hope you'll join us back here as we dish out the 44th bracelet of the summer.

Until then, all that's left is goodnight.

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Su Wins Last Hand of Night to Increase Lead


Su: (X)(X) / {10-}{3-}{4-}{10-}
Porter: (X)(X) / {6-}{5-}{K-}{6-} FOLDED

Stephen Su brought in and Rep Porter completed. Su made the call and then called Porter’s bet on fourth. When Su had the low board on fifth, he led out and Porter called. Both players paired sixth with Su’s pair higher so Porter was first to act and checked. Su bet once more which was good enough to win the last hand of the night when Porter folded.

Stephen Su 1,655,000 155,000
Rep Porter us 1,080,000 -140,000

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Su Takes Back Lead with Number Two


Porter: (X)(X) / {5-}{Q-}{2-}{Q-} / (X)
Su: (X)(X) / {4-}{6-}{6-}{10-} / (X)

On fourth, Stephen Su bet and Rep Porter called. The action was the opposite on fifth where Porter bet and Su called. On sixth, it went the same as fourth where Porter called a Su bet. On seventh, Su checked and Porter bet. Su rammed a stack of green T25000 chips down on the felt to signify a raise. Porter made the call but Su announced “Perfect 6” and showed {A-}{2-}{3-Diamonds} for number two (6-4-3-2-A). Porter couldn’t produce the same hand or a wheel and mucked as Su overtook the lead once again.

Stephen Su 1,500,000 500,000
Rep Porter us 1,220,000 -505,000

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Porter Turning the Screws


We picked up the action on fifth street as Rep Porter called a bet from Stephen Su. He called another one on sixth street, and the boards looked like this going to the river.

Porter: (X)(X) / {5-}{4-}{k-}{8-} / (X)
Su: (X)(X) / {10-}{4-}{a-}{7-} / (X)

On seventh street, Su stacked out a bet and then checked. Porter squeezed. And squeezed. And squeezed some more. The dealer made an indication that action was on him, and he looked up from the squeeze to smirk. "I know," he said. "I haven't found my little card yet." After another moment, he verbally checked behind by announcing, "I got an eight."

Porter showed up {j-}{7-}{a-} / {5-}{4-}{k-}{8-}, and the eight was good.

With that pot, Porter crests 1.7 million chips, reducing Su down to the one-million chip mark.

Rep Porter us 1,725,000 405,000
Stephen Su 1,000,000 -400,000

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Up and Down


After winning the previous pot, Stephen Su just had a chance to knock Rep Porter back down to around a million in chips or less but the hand didn't last past sixth when Su folded and the two crawled back to near even.

Stephen Su 1,400,000
Rep Porter us 1,320,000 -30,000

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Su Wins a Showdown Back


Su: (X)(X) / {9-}{10-}{2-}{Q-} / (X)
Porter: (X)(X) / {A-}{4-}{8-}{9-} / (X)

Stephen Su brought in and Rep Porter completed. Su made the call as well as called Porter’s bets on the next three streets. Both players checked seventh and Porter flashed a {Q-} signifying a queen-low. Su turned over {4-}{3-}{10-} for a ten-low which was good to win the pot.

Stephen Su 1,500,000 25,000
Rep Porter us 1,250,000 -25,000

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Closing the Gap


Steven Su had the bring-in with a {Q-}, and he defended it to a completion from Rep Porter's {8-}. It's only the second time in the heads-up match we've made it past third street.

Su: (X)(X) / {q-}{j-}{7-}{q-} / (X)
Porter: (X)(X) / {8-}{k-}{k-}{a-} / (X)

Su check-called on fourth street, and he bet his lead on fifth. Porter called with his open pair, and Su picked up one of those on sixth. Porter tried to bet out of turn, then apologized when Su corrected him. Su checked, though, and he called Porter's bet. On seventh street, Porter liked what he saw enough to bet it one last time. Su snap-called.

Porter announced his, "Nine," and he tabled {9-}{5-}{4-} to prove it. Su couldn't beat it, mucking his cards to draw this match closer to square.

Stephen Su 1,475,000 -325,000
Rep Porter us 1,275,000 325,000

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Tommy Chen Eliminated in 3rd Place ($83,895)

Tommy Chen - 3rd Place
Tommy Chen - 3rd Place

After being crippled down to fewer than 100,000 by Stephen Su in a hand, Tommy Chen doubled through Su shortly after. Chen would then be all in on third against Su again in the following hand.

Chen: {8-}{7-} / {A-}{10-}{9-}{10-}{10-}
Su: {A-}{5-} / {8-}{Q-}{9-}{4-} / {J-}

Chen took the lead with a ten-low on fifth but Su had him drawing dead when he made a nine-low on sixth. Chen put up quite the battle as the chip leader throughout the day but was finally eliminated in third.

Tommy Chen us Busted

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