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Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Tommy Chen Eliminated in 3rd Place ($83,895)

Tommy Chen - 3rd Place

After being crippled down to fewer than 100,000 by Stephen Su in a hand, Tommy Chen doubled through Su shortly after. Chen would then be all in on third against Su again in the following hand.

Chen: {8-}{7-} / {A-}{10-}{9-}{10-}{10-}
Su: {A-}{5-} / {8-}{Q-}{9-}{4-} / {J-}

Chen took the lead with a ten-low on fifth but Su had him drawing dead when he made a nine-low on sixth. Chen put up quite the battle as the chip leader throughout the day but was finally eliminated in third.

Player Chips Progress
Tommy Chen us
Tommy Chen
us Busted

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