Event #55: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship

The Cadillac

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At the start of each day, a player randomly draws the starting game. Thanks to Shaun Deeb, we're starting the day with no-limit hold'em.

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Arieh, Rast Lead to Start Day 4

Josh Arieh
Josh Arieh

Welcome to Day 4 of Event No. 55, the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship! Just 29 of the 128 who entered this event remain with chips. Yet after fighting through three tough days and fifteen 100-minute levels, no one has won anything yet, as only the top 16 finishers make the money.

It was a day of wild swings yesterday, with many players bouncing back and forth from short-stacked status to the top of the counts. Josh Arieh finished Day 3 on the biggest upswing, ending atop the counts with more than 1.8 million.

Meanwhile Brian Rast -- all in and needing to hit early in the day in a 2-7 triple draw hand -- rebounded all of the way back to end the day in second place with a little over 1.63 million. George Lind III, Vladimir Shchemelev, Phil Hellmuth, and Scott Seiver will all be returning to million-plus chip stacks as well today.

The plan today is to continue the eight-game mix format all of the way down to a final table, at which point the game will switch to no-limit hold'em only for tomorrow's Day 5. Cards go in the air at 3 p.m. Vegas time. See you back here then for start-to-finish coverage of Day 4!

Day 4 Table and Seat Draw

2841Matt Glantz259,000
2842Phil Galfond47,000
2843Barry Greenstein440,000
2844David Baker277,000
2846Phil Hellmuth1,174,000
2847Michael Binger274,000
2848Josh Arieh1,819,000
2861Scott Seiver1,137,000
2862Jon Turner948,000
2863Brian Rast1,633,000
2864Doug Booth158.000
2865Yan Chen887,000
2866Shaun Deeb876,000
2867Owais Ahmed156,000
2868Alexandre Luneau251,000
2961Jeffrey Lisandro330000
2962George Lind1,304,000
2963Gus Hansen774,000
2965Robert Mizrachi500,000
2966Marco Johnson570,000
2967David Oppenheim159,000
2968Minh Ly715,000
2981Sebastien Sabic550,000
2982Ben Lamb582,000
2983Jason Lester948,000
2984Rami Boukai208,000
2985Sebastian Ruthenberg625,000
2987Roman Yitzhaki429,000
2988Vladimir Shchemelev1,181,000
Event #55: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship
Day 4 Started