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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Gold vs. Juanda


An player in early position raised to 250 and was called by Jamie Gold in the small blind. John Juanda was in the big blind and put in a three-bet to 1,000. The original raiser folded while Gold made the call, making it heads up to the {9-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop.

Gold check-called a bet of 1,500 from Juanda, leading to the {2-Hearts} turn. This time Gold to the initiative and led out for 2,000, which Juanda called. Both players ended up checking the river and the cards were turned up.

Gold: {J-Diamonds}{J-Spades}
Juanda: {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}

Given the players' big pocket pairs and small cards on the flop and turn, Gold must have felt fortunate to have lost less than 5,000.

Player Chips Progress
John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 34,200 4,200
24,450 -5,550

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