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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Look Out for Laborda!

EricRamsey • Level 28: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Hilton Laborda (right) celebrates the knockout of Stephane Albertini (left)

Hilton Laborda has been on a tear at this featured table, and he's been chipping up steadily since the level began. Part of that increase came at the hands of Stephane Albertini, and the two men have just tangled up in another big pot.

It began with Laborda opening to 185,000 from early position, and Albertini fatefully shoved from the small blind. It was just less than 3 million total, and Laborda wasted no time making the call with his covering stack. Albertini was in a big coin flip for his Main Event life.

Laborda: {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs}
Albertini: {A-Hearts} {K-Clubs}

Laborda was a small favorite to earn the knockout, and the {10-Diamonds} {10-Clubs} {8-Clubs} flop was a good start for him. The {J-Diamonds} turn at first appeared to open up a few more outs for Albertini, and his rail began chanting, "Queen!" before they realized the situation and corrected themselves: "No queen! No queen!"

He needed an ace or a king to double up, but the river {Q-Spades} was the worthless non-out. With his full house, Laborda has sent Stephane Albertini off to the payout desk. It was another deep run for the French, but they'll now rest their hopes of Main Event glory in Guillaume Darcourt.

The broadcast will show Laborda up close to 12 million chips, but we beg to differ. As close as we can tell, he's only got 10.5 million, possibly 10.6 tops. Only 10.6 million...

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