Stacked Table 391

Table 391 in the middle of the outer section of the tournament is currently loaded with names. It's almost as if this table was hand-picked with superstars.

Below is a table with the current seat order of the players and some of their accomplishments in poker. Needless to say, it is absolutely stacked.

SeatPlayerLifetime EarningsWSOP BraceletsWPT Titles
1Vivek Rajkumar$4,315,71501
2Tom Marchese$3,813,86801
3Antonio Esfandiari$4,899,15512
4Noah Schwartz$2,513,81700
5Ben Lamb$6,586,35710
6Jason Mercier$7,770,29120
7Phil Ivey$16,691,41581
8Eugene Katchalov$7,127,35411

Here's what Jason Mercier had to say about the table on Twitter:

The updated chip counts for the table can be found below.

Chip Counts
Antonio Esfandiari US 5,800,000 30,000
Tom Marchese US 4,680,000 1,280,000
Ben Lamb US 4,400,000 -250,000
Jason Mercier US 4,300,000 595,000
Phil Ivey US 2,665,000 -485,000
Vivek Rajkumar US 2,660,000 -140,000
Noah Schwartz US 2,000,000 -950,000
Eugene Katchalov US 1,105,000 368,000


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