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Event 59: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Recent In-the-Money Eliminations


These are the latest additions to the rail and the prizes they went home with.

121Yoon Kim$3,659
122Mario Doria$3,659
123Jeremy Paglieri$3,659
124Jeremy Clemons$3,659
125Benjamin Jenkins$3,659
126Santiago Nadal$3,659
127Gerry Terrenal$3,659
128Gregory McCurry$3,659
129Todor Blazevski$3,659
130Christopher Intal$3,659
Chip Counts
Gerry Terrenal US Busted
Gregory Mccurry US Busted
Todor Blazevski us Busted
Christopher Intal us Busted
Santiago Nadal MX Busted
Benjamin Jenkins GB Busted
Mario Doria au Busted
Jeremy Paglieri FR Busted
Jeremy Clemons US Busted
Yoon Kim us Busted