2013 World Series of Poker

Event #45: $1,500 Ante-Only No-Limit Hold'em
Days: 3

Chris Moorman Eliminated in 5th Place ($44,227)

Level 22 : 0-0, 12,000 ante
Chris Moorman is eliminated in 5th Place
Chris Moorman is eliminated in 5th Place

Hand #70- It was a family pot that saw the flop of {10-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. It checked to Chris Moorman, who moved all in. Paul Lieu made the call.

Lieu: {10-Spades}{8-Clubs}
Moorman: {8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}

Moorman was drawing to runner runner for a win or chop, and the {j-Clubs} on the turn all but ended it. The {3-Clubs} hit the river, and Moorman was sent to the rail in 5th place, while Lieu jumped back up to 550,000.

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Paul Lieu us
Paul Lieu
Chris Moorman gb
Chris Moorman
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