Event #55: The $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

George Danzer Eliminated in 5th Place ($388,523)

[user101598] • Level 22
George Danzer - 5th Place

Pot-Limit Omaha

Hand #66: David Benyamine raised to 80,000 in the cutoff, Don Nguyen called in the small blind, and George Danzer called in the big blind. The flop fell {8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}, Nguyen led out for 150,000, and Danzer raised to 425,000. Benyamine folded. Nguyen re-raised to 800,000, Danzer pushed back, making it 1.2 million to go, and Nguyen responded by making it 1.6 million. Danzer moved all in for 2.25 million, and Nguyen snap-called.

Danzer: {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{9-Spades}{8-Spades}
Nguyen: {k-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}

Both players held trips, but Danzer kicker had him ahead. The {4-Clubs} on the turn changed nothing, and Danzer was one card away from a massive double up until the {j-Clubs} spiked on the river.

The German rail let out a collective exhale of disappointment as their friend was eliminated in fifth place. Danzer will receive $388,523 for his efforts.

The remaining four players are now on a 20-minute break. Full counts will be posted shortly.

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