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Event #22: $1,500 Eight Game Mix

John Racener Eliminated in 4th Place ($40,151)

tRaMSt0p • Level 24: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante
John Racener - 4th place


From under the gun, Philip Long raised to 40,000 before John Racener made it 60,000 on the button. Long four-bet to 80,000 and Racener moved all in for his last 98,000 with Long making the call.

Long: {5-Hearts}{5-Clubs}
Racener: {3-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}

The board ran out {Q-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} and Racener was eliminated in fourth place for a $40,151 payday.

Player Chips Progress
Philip Long gb
Philip Long
gb 1,850,000 195,000
John Racener us
John Racener
us Busted

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