Event #49: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Championship

Shack-Harris Doubles Through Leah In Massive Pot; Takes The Lead

simkha • Level 30: 80,000-160,000, 0 ante
Brandon Shack-Harris

Mike Leah raised the button to 400,000 and Brandon Shack-Harris called from the big blind.

The flop came {A-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} and Shack-Harris checked. Leah bet 525,000 and after a bit of time in the tank, Shack-Harris raised the pot to 2.38 million. Leah shoved, putting Shack-Harris to a decision for the remainder of his stack. He had 750,000 behind and went into the tank for over four minutes before he ultimately called to put himself at risk.

Mike Leah: {A-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{J-Hearts}{7-Spades}
Brandon Shack-Harris: {6-Spades}{6-Hearts}{3-Spades}{3-Diamonds}

Leah had flopped top two pair but Shack-Harris had the best of it with a set of sixes. The {5-Clubs} turn and {10-Spades} river were no help to Leah and Shack-Harris took the pot for a huge double-up to become the chip leader.

Player Chips Progress
Brandon Shack-Harris us
Brandon Shack-Harris
us 7,140,000 3,540,000
Mike Leah ca
Mike Leah
ca 750,000 -3,500,000

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