Event #17: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Apter Doubles Up

SandraBarbour • Level 45: 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Brett Apter

Brett Apter limped on the button, and Anatolii Zyrin, in the big blind, moved all in for 18,350,000. Apter made the call, putting at risk his last 4,550,000, and the cards were revealed.

Brett Apter: {a-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Anatolii Zyrin: {q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}

The runout was {a-Clubs}{4-Spades}{6-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} and Apter doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Anatolii Zyrin ru
Anatolii Zyrin
ru 13,600,000 -4,000,000
Brett Apter us
Brett Apter
us 9,300,000 4,000,000

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