Event #61: COLOSSUS - $400 No-Limit Hold'em

Teisseire Folds to Turn Aggression

will_shill • Level 11: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Five players including Antonin Teisseire and Steven Wolansky saw a flop of {9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{8-Spades}. It checked to Teisseire who bet 8,000 with the button the only caller.

The turn was the {a-Spades}. Teisseire bet 14,000 and his opponent wasted no time in raising to 30,000.

Teisseire mumbled away in French and eventually folded.

"You have a nine?" he asked, but his opponent could only show him the {j-Spades}.

Player Chips Progress
Antonin Teisseire fr
Antonin Teisseire
fr 100,000
Steven Wolansky us
Steven Wolansky
us 35,000

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