Event #30: $500 No-Limit Hold'em Senior's Event

Fraser Rebuys After Burdsall Cracks His Aces

AnthonyThompson • Level 3: 40-80, 0 ante

After a 160 under the gun riase and two callers, "Dubhghlas" three-bet to 920 from late position and Mark "pottytrainme" Fraser four-bet to 4,880 from the button.

Jeffrey "bellla" Burdsall called from the big blind and action folded back around to "Dubhghlas" who came along as well to see a {4-Hearts}{k-Spades}{k-Hearts} flop.

Action was checked to Fraser who jammed for 8,946 and was called by Burdsall while "Dubhghlas" folded.

Jeffrey "bellla" Burdsall: {a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}
Mark "pottytrainme" Fraser: {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs}

Fraser was out-flopped and neither the {5-Clubs} turn nor the {10-Spades} river were any help as he re-entered the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Jeffrey "bellla" Burdsall US
Jeffrey "bellla" Burdsall
US 59,990 39,990
Mark "pottytrainme" Fraser us
Mark "pottytrainme" Fraser
us 20,000

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