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Event #8: $888 NLH Crazy Eights

Yuan Turns Lady Luck for Double

AnthonyThompson • Level 6: 80-160, 0 ante
Ye Yuan

Ian "ApokerJoker2" Steinman raised to 320 from early position and Ye uan365" Yuan three-bet to 1,080 next to act.

Action folded to "AlexanderMaz" who called on the button, as did Steinman after the blinds folded. The {6-Spades}{4-Clubs}{7-Spades} flop saw action checked to Yuan who continued for 1,200 and both of his opponent's called bringing the {q-Hearts} turn.

Action was checked to "AlexanderMaz" who fired out 7,080 and Steinman quickly mucked his hand. Yuan raised all in for 11,490 and "AlexanderMaz" called.

"AlexanderMaz": {7-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}
Ye "yuan365" Yuan: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}

"AlexanderMaz" flopped a set of sevens but Yuan turned a better one and the {3-Clubs} river secured his double up.

Ye Yuan
Yuan Turns Lucky Lady
Player Chips Progress
Ye "yuan365" Yuan
Ye "yuan365" Yuan
30,060 19,419
Ian "ApokerJoker2" Steinman us
Ian "ApokerJoker2" Steinman
us 25,058 25,058

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