Event #21: $1,500 Mixed Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Scott Abrams Eliminated in 3rd Place ($71,651)

MattHansen • Level 35
Scott Abrams

Big O

Scott Abrams bet 500,000 from the button and Hernan Salazar raised to put Abrams at risk. Abrams called and he was at risk for a total of just over 1 million.

Scott Abrams: {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{q-Spades}{4-Hearts}{2-Hearts}
Hernan Salazar: {a-Spades}{k-Spades}{q-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{2-Spades}

The board ran out {k-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{10-Spades}{6-Clubs}{5-Spades} and Salazar's flush was good. Abrams is eliminated in third place after an impressive tournament that saw him hold the chip lead after Days 1 and 2.

Player Chips Progress
Dylan Linde us
Dylan Linde
us 9,290,000 990,000
Hernan Salazar us
Hernan Salazar
us 6,710,000 510,000
Scott Abrams us
Scott Abrams
us Busted

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