Event #23: $1,500 Eight Game Mix 6-Handed

Zack Scoops Shaffer

dsalituro • Level 29
Daniel Zack

Stud 8 or Better

Dan Zack: {x-}{x-}/{3-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{a-Spades}{10-Clubs}/{x-}
Brett Shaffer: {x-}{x-}/{7-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{8-Hearts}/{x-}

Dan Zack bet out on both fifth and sixth streets and Brett Shaffer called. On seventh street, Zack put out another bet, leaving himself only about 500,000 behind. Shaffer called.

"Aces and an 8-7," Zack said. His {a-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} made a pair of aces and a low to scoop the pot. Shaffer looked back at his hand for a moment trying to find a hand that could beat Zack, but ultimately sent his cards back to the dealer.

Player Chips Progress
Daniel Zack us
Daniel Zack
us 1,700,000 -120,000
Brett Shaffer us
Brett Shaffer
us 1,200,000 -100,000