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Event #34: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

Stephen Deutsch Eliminated in 3rd Place ($37,194)

MattHansen • Level 30: 100,000-200,000, 0 ante
Stephen Deutsch

David "Bakes" Baker raised and Stephen Deutsch three-bet right behind. Baker returned with a four-bet and Deutsch called.

Both players took one card.

Baker fired a bet after the first draw and Deutsch called. Both players took one card again.

Deutsch called his last bet after the second draw. Baker stood pat and Deutsch drew one.

Baker turned over {8-}{7-}{5-}{2-}{3-}. Deutsch had {8-}{5-}{3-}{2-} and he was live until he turned over a {9-} and hit the rail in third place.

Player Chips Progress
David "Bakes" Baker us
David "Bakes" Baker
us 5,305,000 2,005,000
Peter Lynn us
Peter Lynn
us 1,795,000 -1,205,000
Stephen Deutsch us
Stephen Deutsch
us Busted

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